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Another trip with the zulo artefact, inside a very special club

Chapter One: The first contact


We are late afternoon of a rainy day in October, Serge Picard small boss craftsman plumber 51 years old is about to finish his day's work, it is 6:30 pm and he starts to put away his tools, after storing everything in his crate on his little cart, he carries out an inspection of the proper functioning of his repair ,

Serge was responsible for repairing a leaky sink in the small station Chalon sur Soane in Burgundy in a part of the staff building on the second floor near the office of management, the building was old, work is underway to improve the building to make it compatible with the access standards for people with disabilities, Serge had been calling for the first time on this site and he hoped that the management retains his company for other tasks,

He wanted his work to be irreproachable so he tested the hot water and then the cold water, at that moment nothing was leaking under the washbasin of the women's toilet on the executive floor, but before pulling up the dressing protection of the piping he noticed a small trace of water at the base of the pipes when they come out of the ground, very annoying he decided to raise the tiles on the ground that did not look sealed, so, he took some tools in his cart, to his surprise there was a big vacuum under the floor, with a flashlight he noticed the connection that tasted the water just up to the floor and with two keys he tightened it, he resumed his lamp pocket to watch if it was enough to stop the leak and yes it seemed to be good,with a little rag he absorbed the water in the void under the floor, then he noticed a little thing that seemed to shine in the light of his lamp,

He managed with great difficulty to catch it, it was a tin box, lock with a padlock all rust, it seemed very old, he put the box on the sink, then closed the hole in the floor and refixed the dressing of the sink cabinet,

Getting up he wanted to wash his hands and he took the small box that was under the tap, after all he said to himself I'll look what's inside this can -being worth you never know,

he took one of his sharp tweezers and broke the padlock effortlessly, then he opened the box inside there was on the top a parchment sheet written in old French and a long text in Latin according to what he seems to see even if he does not know this dead language, the very top of the letter is the inscription: '' Frimaire 4 year II '' after it was Latin gibberish, Serge said that this box must to be very old because this method of dating was used during the revolution, below the letter was a fairly simple pendant but he could not know if it was gold because it was very dirty,

Serge had thrown all his rags and he had nothing to clean the medal on him, he rubbed it on his shirt, he looked at it again, it was cleaner, but it was not gold, unfortunately there is had a kind of engraving with an angel on it was quite simple, it was not a gem of great value apparently, he stowed for the last time these tools and washed his hands, then he passed the medal around his neck , we saw her on his hairy chest, he looked in the mirror, then took a part of his equipment to store it in his car,


Meanwhile the ,,,,,,,

Florence Martin, the assistant director of the station wrote a meeting report for the regional director on the progress of the work, including an item on the budget and the estimated times,

His day had been busy since 6 o'clock this morning, she was starting to feel tired, as we were on Friday she had planned to go to the municipal pool tonight to relax a little before this coming weekend, Florence was a beautiful 38 year old woman, divorced she had just taken the post deputy director for 3 months, she moved to the city two months ago, she did not know many people here at the moment,

She turned off her laptop and put it in her carrying case to work a little at home Saturday or Sunday,

She went to the toilet, the main door was dismounted she noticed, She went into the room and hit Mr. Picard at the intersection that carried part of his equipment, he used his arm to prevent it from falling into the hugging him, both were surprised,

Mrs. Martin, I'm sorry I did not see you coming, excuse me said Serge,

You surprised me too Mr. Picard, more fear than harm, fortunately !!

She went to one of the toilets and closed the door behind her,

Serge returned to the company car in the parking lot behind the station, he loaded his tools in the back, it was quite heavy, he felt tired, another round trip to finish the storage and he could leave,

Florence sitting in the bathroom for 10 minutes had more and more pain in her feet, she took off her shoes, yet it is not new, she said to herself, her tailor's skirt turned up she said that fortunately she took an appointment at the beautician for a hair removal tomorrow morning, she needed it looks like looking at her thighs,

I do not feel very well my clothes tighten me more and more, I feel swollen said Florence removing her skirt,

she looked at her hands and touched her face

But what happens to me, my hands are so big, there are hairs on my hands, it's horrible,

Looking at low-cut,

I have hair growing on my chest, is a nightmare, my breasts, my breasts, they are empty said she screaming

But at this time all offices are empty, there is no one in this part of the station,

Florence starts to cry,

I take the weight s' is incredible I have belly I must take off my blouse and my tailor jacket I'm too tight, my hair diminishes in length, my gods they became short and I have more on the top of the skull , has a nightmare, I'm going to wake up, I have black hairs on my stomach, he's getting bigger and bigger,

She takes off her bra, she breathes very quickly her vision become cloudy by crying,

She gets up from the toilet seat, so much surprise she is taller, she was 1.65 meters tall but she comes up to the height of the partition wall between the other toilets, I must do well at least 1.80 m she said,

For the time in the corridors of the station Serge come back to get his last toolbox, he wears loose work clothes and hot and a hard hat on the head and protective goggles, he feels very tired, soon is the end he said,

Florence hears noise in the corridor, she holds her tears and pretends that there is no one in the room, Serge arrives and passes the door dismounted,

he looks at his things and tools on the ground, he goes to take them,

But what is it heavy, he said,

my voice is all hoarse, he clears his throat

he blows a blow, because he feels very bad,

he turns around and looks at the mirror, his goggles in plastic are a bit scratched, but he feels like he's smaller, he takes them off,

shit that's what those lazy hands are

But what I look like, he says in a tone annoyed

Florence in the toilet listens what happens, she finds the voice of Mr. Picard very bizarre, she moves slowly to the door without making a noise she concentrates all her will to be as discreet as possible, she put her ear against the door to better hear,

Serge removes his hard hat, long brown hair come out,

He looks in the mirror, he is sign, the shape he sees made the same movement as him without saying a word, he looks the mirror to see if there is not a trap or a hidden camera, nothing

he backs up silently,

It's a curse says Serge in a voice he does not recognize

Florence hearing that opens the door

Serge gets on defensive

Who's going, he said, watch out I'm armed, he takes a hammer in his tools, believing that the noise comes from outside the toilet he walks to the door, then he turns slowly,

Both with his eyes wide open is discovered,

Serge sees that he thinks he is a man naked, but was weird something is missing, the face of this man seems familiar to him,

Florence sees a woman without femininity frail in his work clothes ,

Who are you?

You are a pervert naked that's it, I'm going to call the police, do not move said Serge

No do not do anything I take you said Florence any surprise from the low sounds of her voice

I'm Madame Martin

Madame Martin? Said Serge got a joke

No, I promise you, said Florence, then she sees herself in the mirror, is a catastrophe, she said,

I do not understand anything, said Serge in a voice more and more sweet

It will seem crazy Monsieur Picard I guess said Florence

Yes it's me

Let's stay calm I think we are transforming ourselves into the appearance of each other

It's madness, I'm myself

Not said she calm us, put your hammer and look at the mirror and look at me after

Okay I put the hammer, you look like me is true, he turns, I am so small weird!

I do not know what happens to us Mr. Picard, but we have to understand what is happening to us

Okay, I'm so stressed I'm shaking all over, said Serge

Florence stooping a little bit cramps and stomach pain all at once, putting one of her hands on the wall to keep from falling then she feels a weird sensation to her crotch, she feels something slipping out of her, looking down she sees nothing her belly now well covered with hair hides her vision,

Serge saw it all, he saw a penis and testicles come out of this body, his testicles and his big penis that his wife appreciates so much, he becomes all white and shows his finger with his long nails,

Florence is recovering, she regains her senses and returns her belly and she drops her hand underneath, she touches what if she finds, now she knows that she has balls and big and more, her balls seem huge too, she feels that weird feeling to have that hanging on his body,

Serge removes his coat and his shirt, after what he saw he was less surprised to see that he now had a pair of round breasts but enough firm and a body without hair,

we really became a copy of each other says Florence, you even have my lower back tattoo she said

I also have your ears pierced was incredible

You should finish to undress Mr. Picard, I'm getting cold, my clothes are not at my size we'll have to change our clothes at first,

You're right Madam

He tends his business and she gets dressed exactly like him

But what will I wear?

Well, my clothes, I do not have any other

This business of women, I do not agree At

the moment we have no choice, look in the mirror, you look like a woman now

I do not do not know how to do it

Fold down the toilet seat at first and sit on it, my underwear is on the floor, pick up the pants, start with the pants and put on the tights one leg at a time, you manage well

but with your bra it goes to be harder, I would not be able to do it, he said, go

forward to me I'll fix it for you, that's it, put the skirt upside down, hang the closure then turn it now in the right direction

I do not I do not feel very comfortable said Serge

Soon finished, now pass my blouse to finish with my tailor jacket

I'm cold feet

My shoes are behind, just next

what, that !!!!

Serge got up, he was all unbalanced by wearing his shoes, he put his hands on the walls not to fall

Walk slowly Sir more gently than before is not difficult to go see you said Florence with a smile amused, good now why are we here?

I do not know, a curse?

I do not think so, what have you been doing in the last few hours, said Florence

Nothing, my job is everything

Me too I'm staying in my office all the afternoon to update my file, it must be to be something special, you became a divorced woman of 38 years !!

You measure how small I feel compared to the usual man

I am 1.65 m for 60 kg, and you look at me I must make at least 100 kg for what size?

I'm 1.80 m

In addition I do not have much hair on my head, but I have everywhere else, plus I am older!

I am 51 years old, you are 51 years old now, you are married too, my wedding ring is in my jacket with my identity papers, I do not wear it at work so as not to spoil it,

We will go to my office follow me, said Florence,

She walked briskly and quickly, she could feel the unusual movement of her testicles in her pants, she arrived in the office, took two chairs to get around the small meeting table, Serge had a lot more trouble to walk with his high-heeled shoes, it came a long time ago, Florence put the chair to him so that he moved, she noticed that he passed both hands under his skirt before sitting completely and then he met mechanically his legs, she was surprised by this behavior,

Serge ran his hand through his hair to get his hair back, he was standing upright, his clothes were perfectly adjusted,

we had to find out what happened to us, said Florence

While doing the work I find the necklace that I wear around the neck in a box hidden under the floor says Serge in the perfectly posed voice of Florence

It seems a trinket jewel said Florence looking at it from afar

But there was a parchment with in the box

Show me

Is it you who have it on you in my left pocket

Florence opened the pocket and unfolded the letter, indeed it was old, she did not speak a word of the language in which he was Written,

Is surely the key to our problem, she said, I'll see if we can translate it with my computer

Good idea

Florence took out his laptop and put it on the table,

I'll start by entering the text in the translator, your finger, my finger is bigger now I press two keys at the same time,

Serge folded his arms under his chest and waited nervously the result,

Well that's it, then already the good news is that it is not permanent, we will be able to return to our bodies of origin,

was great said Serge

They made big smiles of relief, the tension and the stress diminished

But there is a limitation, we can not back down until 12 pm after the change, I think that the changes began around 19 pm which gives a possible return tomorrow between 7 am and 8 am by taking the margin , as far as I understand the medal makes it possible to change its wearer in the exact copy of another person just by touching a clothing belonging to him, but when two people touches himself at the same time he becomes one, the other What happened to us when we got into the toilet, to get back to normal we just have to touch one of his original clothes with the medal and it should go,

Another point, there is also writes that the medal when worn for a long time on a garment, transmits attitudes to wearers,

How does that say Serge?

Looking at your posture says Florence

Yes I did not pay attention

Take this pencil and write without thinking the address of your house and sign

Is stupid

Make it to see


look at was my address that you have to inform and you have my signature also

Incredible says Serge

Remove the medallion says Florence and get up to walk to the toilet and then come back

I walk without any difficulty

I saw it was perfect

But we have a big problem, we can not not come back to our original bodies tomorrow morning said Serge


Because tomorrow with my brother-in-law and two friends we go to Paris at the motor show,

It will cancel then

Impossible, we already book the hotel for Saturday night and take my car to make the trip

I must think, during this time can you go back to the bathroom by taking my handbag, he is towards my chair and try to make up alone

I'm going to try said Serge heading to the corridor

Florence looked at the locket on the table, if we must do this trip I will need to have more ease in this body that seems huge, she took the locket and passed around his neck, she felt a small electric shock and she waited without doing anything,

She took the pen, her writing was different it worked,

Serge comes back into the office, he notices that Madame Martin is wearing the medallion, she is removing it when he arrives, Serge is perfectly made up, he even put some varnish on these nails, its lipstick is perfectly posed note Florence,

sit down ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

But I'm not Madame Martin says Serge

Florence takes it back immediately if you're from now and until I come back from this trip with your friends you're Florence Martin she says in a dominant tone, you're going to pretend to be me for this week end it will not be too hard I think, you live alone, you're divorced, while I'll assume your role tomorrow morning you have to go shopping at the supermarket, your list is in your purse and at 11am you have an appointment at the salon '' soft beauty '' for a complete massage and hair removal,

Serge's face is closed and his eyes went to the table

Something wrong Mrs Martin? It is not very hard

But Mrs, ,,,,, Mr. Picard

Did you have to get used ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

I have a problem with the salon beautician

Why says Florence looking in the pockets of her jacket she looks at her papers, her car keys and her alliance that she takes to put on his finger while waiting for Serge s' expresses

The problem Mr. Picard, is that my wife, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, sorry Ms. Picard your wife Christine is the manager of the salon

And so I have already been twice in this salon, the service is impeccable

I could cross it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Madame Martin ,,,,,, you are no longer her husband and until Sunday you are only a customer, you will take care, for me too it is not easy it is necessary that we hold on,

you're right, you have to hold until Sunday

Speaking of my wife now said Florence what do I need to know to be good for you,

Fortunately it is almost 8 pm now, I had warned that I would be back from work late, because of this project that is important to have others order for my company, I think that tonight it will be lying when you go home, there is almost 1 hour drive from the station to your house, she will have prepared the meal that will just warm up in the kitchen

Yes I arrive thanks to the power of the medallion to see how is arrange your house, for tomorrow morning your friends arrive at what time?

It is planned to leave at 5 o'clock in the morning, you do not cross Christine she gets up around 7 am

Perfect, for the car, you said that we took yours, but according to the keys you have in your pocket there are several

It will take the Citroën C5 break

The gray said Florence

Yes said Serge, your friends is called Alain and Stéphane, your brother is called Pierre, the trip will be quiet 5 hours of highway you will spend the driving, the day in the living room there are so many people that you speak little, the evening you have a room to book each in a small hotel, the next day you go to 8h, which means that once the friends deposited at home we can do the exchange,

Yes, it's perfect, we say around 1 pm appointment in the underground parking downtown, we will meet at the third underground level, as soon as we park we will go to 5 min public toilet, it does not There is no surveillance camera, we find ourselves at the men there is less passage

Both think that this will be the most incredible weekend of their lives

Serge looked at the medallion on the table, Florence too

It must be put in place on

I agree

In the safe of the office, as it will be protected, you will spend Sunday


You are the assistant director there are no worries

Is the best solution, I trust you

Florence in the body of Serge gets up

Mrs Martin he says I have finished tidying up my tools, I let you close the office, everything will be ok on Sunday

I hope everything will run well, be careful on the

Serge road in the body of Florence looked out of the window to see his old body tidy up his belongings in his utility, then the man got behind the wheel and started and left the parking lot

Serge stowed the laptop of Florence, his now in his bag , then checked her handbag, to find her car keys, she took a small mirror to check her makeup before donning a trench coat that fell perfectly to his silhouette,

He went to the staff parking lot, he was a little afraid despite the lighting, the sound of his heels sounded, he took his purse on his shoulder and as there was not too much car at this time, he quickly found his new green Mini Cooper, he opened the door and settled behind the wheel taking care not to crease his skirt,

Serge started the engine, he was a little cold is put the heating stronger, he went down very slowly the sun visor to look in the mirror, he still could not believe his eyes, he was a 38-year-old woman, 13 years younger than his old body, he caught his breath, then left the parking lot Florence, in her turn, lived in town less than 15 minutes away,

he was still driving carefully, he was afraid to drive with his heels, was less easy than with flat shoes,

Chapter 2:

Florence evening in his new body of man was driving towards his new home, it seemed good knowing the road and instinctively slowed down when approaching automatic radar when she had never taken this road before, when she was still a woman, she finally arrived in a small village, the in a subdivision she parked in an alley, she looked at the GPS, it seemed to be Mr. Picard's house

The new Mr. Picard got out of his car, he paused in front of the mailbox and for safety he took his keys, he was relieved to see that the door opened, he took the letters and closed the door

He walked into the house, there was no light on, he moved instinctively to a room that seemed to be the kitchen, there was a dish on the table as a cover placed on the table, he opened the refrigerator then took a little salad and ham, after eating that he told himself that it was not enough, this body needed more, he resumed dough and a big piece of cheese with wine wondering remembering that he rarely drank it,

he then went to the bathroom to change himself

So he said very low

Where are my nightwear?

It must be this underpants, so he sleeps shirtless

We're not going to change the habits so

Florence undressed then, once naked she crossed are looking in the mirror thinking that it was amazing like experience, I just hope that all will be well this weekend

The new Serge put himself in profile in front of the mirror, he was still naked, he looked up and down, then put his underpants putting his testicles in place at the end of the operation

He goes have to get used to these things for now, it takes more space

He walked to what appeared to be the bedroom upstairs in the house, he slowly opened the door and he saw a large bed with a bossed shape in it, it must be my wife, he raised the sheets gently without doing noise then lay down next to her,

you come back late said Christine the voice very low

Yes I was late for work an unexpected failure, make you back

Good night

Good night my darling

His alarm clock was already ready for tomorrow morning, he was so tired by the emotions and what he went through this evening that he fell asleep quickly,

Meanwhile the a little earlier in the evening ,,,,,,,,,,,,,

Serge arrived at the bottom of an apartment building, he searched his handbag to find a remote control it opened an automatic door that led to the basement of the building on the back of the remote there was engraved -2 / 20, he deduced that the garage was at level -2 location 20, he arrived in front of the door of the box he opened it with difficulty the door was heavy, then parked inside, he closed all and then went to the elevator,

Is on the fourth floor I think he said while waiting for the elevator

Arrived on the right floor he walked to a door he noticed the bell in the name of Mrs. Martin, it was there, go courage I came back he said

He opened the door and locked it right behind him,he lit the alleviated light

I'm not hungry at all I'm going to sleep directly

First passage through the bathroom

He undressed without looking too much at his new body, he had become modest, he removed his makeup and put on a nightie, he looked at himself quickly in the mirror, he was uncomfortable, he tried to make the garment longer to hide his legs smooth,

He hung his hair in a small ponytail before heading to his room, his apartment was small that the house where he had slept last night but it was well decorated and the furniture looked of quality,

She lay down on her bed alone,

Chapter 3: Saturday

Week end of the woman

The sun begins to illuminate the window of the room, Serge looks at one eye then closes his eyelids, he thinks back to the strange dream he has just made, he turns to stand on the side and he feels a weight that moves on his chest that appears a few seconds of reflection on his part do not have one, he feels her breasts move when he changes position in his bed, she puts hands on his face and starts to crying,

Week end of the man

The alarm clock starts ringing, Florence opens her eyes and extends her hands to stop the alarm and not too wake up the woman who is next to him now,

He gets up quickly and goes to the bathroom, looking in the mirror he notices that he has a small beard, passing his hand he feels that the surface of his face is rough now,

No shave I do not I

'm going to wash my teeth

After cleaning her face, apply a deodorant and a touch of perfume on her chest, she thought she was ready, she went back to the room and went to the closet to take a pair of trousers, socks, underpants, a t-shirt, once all the stuff was put on, she went

to the entrance of the house to pick up her jacket and put on her shoes,

She opened the door to get out and got behind the wheel of her big car, she started the engine, a figure approached and opened the door of the passage a man sits there,

She was surprised then recognized Pierre his brother brother who lived at the end of the street and therefore came on foot, she turned and leaned slowly towards him before recovering, she told herself that she should not give him a kiss and he reaches out to greet him ,

Pierre tells him it's time to go get the other two,

They took the road and go to get the other two then they took the highway to Paris

The four friends once arrived on the spot, have started their visit of the car show

Meanwhile the ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

The new Florence barely awake discovered her apartment, she went to his dressing room, a room next to his room, his surprise was total in noting that the wardrobes were full of clothes and outfits, the choice will be difficult says he,

I'll already take a casual outfit, find a pants will be better

She searched, searched, but nothing

There are only dresses or skirts went crazy

A counter heart, he chose a brown chocolate pencil skirt that it would barely get above his knee, he thought, too, that a light blue mid-length top,

He mechanically took off underwear again, a white set as well as a pair of self-fastening stockings

. dress with great ease

the shoes now !!!

There was the choice, looking at his watch he told himself that he was going to be late if he did not hurry, so he took a pair with small heels of 3 cm black

He went into the bathroom for To wash his teeth, he then brushed his hair

Then he applied a light makeup, just a little black to emphasize his eyes and a very discreet touch of BB cream foundation before ending up highlighting his lips with a very clear balm

He took a beige coat to match his clothes of the day and his purse and then left his apartment towards the garage to take his car and go to the supermarket

He parked in the parking lot then panicked watching the people outside and in the shopping mall through the windows of the mall, there are people I'll never get there, he said to himself

His eyes crossed the rearview mirror , then stopped, I do not look like a woman I'm one, I'm Mrs. Martin, so his fears softened and he got out of the car to pick up a cart

She went back into the store and once into the aisles she took her shopping bag out of her purse so she had spoken to her the real Florence last night

Well there's not much to take this will go fast, he said to himself in a low voice

he moved with confidence and knowledge of the store, he noticed that some men looked at him discreetly, when his back was turned

His cart was complete with all the items on the list, he queued at the cashier to pay, he exchanged kindness with the cashier during her turn

Once the purchases in the trunk of his small car, he looked at his watch to realize that he had 15 minutes left before his appointment at the beauty salon

He quickly arrived on the spot and crossed the door of the trade, it was a big living room with about ten employees, he took place in the waiting room, the living room included a foyer with waiting chairs for the clients well decorated in green and pastel shades with cakes and hot drinks to wait

Then during this time the ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

Florence in Serge's body went from stand to stand there was accompanied by his new friend Stephane

I propose to go to the stand Ferrai said Stephane

I walk behind you said Florence

The cars on display are beautiful said Stéphane

Yes is beautiful mechanics

We will try to return to the stand

They advance in the queue before being accompanied on the stand by a hostess, who presents them a 458 Italia

They took pictures in front of the car and then came out of the stand

The blonde she was well built that think you?

Yes she was very beautiful said Florence

Belle, no she was hot

Then during this time the ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

Florence was waiting to be picked up, she began to read a women's magazine

She Wrapped her hair over her forehead

A young woman went to her

On her badge she could read her name, it was Morgane she seemed to have in the early thirties

Madame Martin? Hello madam

Yes, hello

Please follow me we will go to room 4

Serge Morgane next in the establishment, they went to the first floor of the building, they went up the stairs when Serge turned his head is recognized his wife in the hallway

Madame Picard greeted them by doing the

hello to Serge and Morgane Madam hello she says, Morgane will take care of you

In good shopping Christine Picard heals his relations with the customers

The three women leave each other smiling

Serge and his beautician enters the room 4, the employee close the door behind her

You can put your business on the coat rack and in the lockers, Ms. Morgan said

Serge put down his jacket and his coat and carefully put them on hangers, then he removed his skirt and his stockings, he joined Morgane in the other part of the room where she was preparing her equipment

Take a seat, sit comfortably

Morgane acquitta of work are doing a hunt for hair on the legs and the shirt of Serge

Serge pu after relaxed by a small massage, got dressed with the clothes of Florence

He walked to the lobby hoping not to have to cross his ex wife again, he does not know if he would bear to see her again being trapped in this body of woman, fortunately everything went well, he paid for his hair removal and went out of the building to head to his car

Later in the day ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

The false Serge when to him, finished his visit of the auto show, the real Florence in this body was tired of that day in the shoes of a mature male, she was eager to find herself alone in her hotel room to stop pretending to be a man with Serge's friends,

all together he head for the exit of the exhibition grounds, to reach the streets of the capital and join a restaurant to eat, because after a day in the aisles and between the stands, they all had a great desire to eat

Then during this time the ,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,

The new woman did not want to go home, she decided to drive to the mall, passing close to the cinema, he thought that it would be good for him to go see a movie to forget himself happened and distracted a bit by changing the ideas

So he walked in the parking lot before looking at the posters to choose which session to see, to his surprise he was attracted by a romantic comedy, it'll be resting he thought

At the end of the screening, Serge returned to his car to have dinner at Florence's home quietly, he noticed that a group of young men followed her in the parking lot, she accelerated her way to get back in his car safely, he felt weaker than usual and so different his heels to his feet reminds him at every step that he is in the body of a woman

He started his little car and went home

Chapter 4: Return trip

The group of friends are going to dine in a brewery not far from the place of the show that takes place at the exhibition center at the Porte de Versailles, rue Olivier de Serres, the meal was appetizing and quite plentiful, the four friends ate well, After that they always walked to their hotel, the Mercure, they had arranged their trip well once their car was parked they could easily get around the lounge by walking

Arrived at the hotel, there was a big problem, the booking for the rooms was not registered and the hotel was full besides, our friends chatted together to find out who had booked the rooms and it turned out that nobody had done it, all were convinced that it was up to Serge to do it, Florence in the body of Serge not knowing if she did not realize the reservation because of the permutation of body that she to suffered last night, apologizes to his new friends, e saying he completely forget

After looking for other rooms nearby, they decided that he could also drive back as he was several he could happen the steering wheel not to be too tired, so they left to find their car and go home,

Chapter 5: discreet appointment

The next morning, our new wife Serge in Florence's body was impatient to get back to normal, she sent an SMS to her old body to ask if everything was ok and what time exactly they could meet, unfortunately he received a wrong answer in return, The old Florence explained to him that the end of the day when visiting the lounge was wrong to go is that the small group of friends was prematurely returned from Paris to return to their small provincial town, she told him that they arrived late at night and that everyone had returned home.

This time was going to have an impact on the day of Sunday because Stéphane his friend had invited the fake Serge and his wife to an aperitif with others of their friends around 11 am, before that he had to bring his new wife your old wife at her sister's house before going to your friends' house.

So it's impossible to see you for the exchange in the morning, as you planned using the fact that you drop your friends at home so as not to arouse your wife's attention.

Serge immediately sent back with the agility of her little feminine fingers a new message in order to ask Florence how they were going to get back to normal, she answered him 10 minutes after it would be necessary to wait the next morning before the two Do not go to work to meet safely, they could do the exchange in the truck and real Serge as a utility there is room to put two in the back without being seen.

Serge was uncomfortable with the idea of ​​remaining a female all day and all night, these ideas were confused and he was unhappy with his fate.

to be continued
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