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by Aurore
Rated: 18+ · Fiction · Supernatural · #2158796
the story continue

Chapter 6: Intruder

The morning was moving slowly, Florence shaved her beard for the first time, luckily for her, Serge had an electric razor easier to use than a manual model, his wife since yesterday Christine went back into the bathroom, which put Florence uncomfortable, this female presence was bizarre for her, Christine had come to take her hairbrush and she put her hair standing next to her, Christine smiled in the mirror, it was so strange for Florence, Christine Finally out of the bathroom, in his wake Florence in her male body felt its scent fluttering in the air, she turned in the hallway making him a new smile before closing the door behind her.

Florence turned around and looked at herself in the mirror again she pulled back at the sight of her reflection, it made her a little shock again was so masculine, Florence remembers the moment spent with Christine and her smell, she felt that something weird was going on between her legs, she was weird all over her neck she felt something move, she put down her razor anyway she was finished, she pulled on the elastic of her pants to look underneath from her belly her penis, yes her penis very hard and realized that she bandaged for the first time in all her life, she stared at her member for a long moment, then she decided to touch, the skin was sensitive, c It was a new sensation, she heard a noise in the corridor, then by fear she stopped touching herself.

She put on her clothes that had been hanging around since yesterday and joined her wife who was dressed during this time.

- It's time to go, said Christine, we need to go to my sister's house before I have to give her the keys of my parents' house so that she can go and clean up to help my mother in turn this week.

- ok I'm ready said the man go y

The couple left his house and took their car to go about their activities

Meanwhile, the real Serge in his female body returned the situation in all directions, and he had an idea, she says aloud in her apartment:

- Wait I'm stupid my wife and my body left home, I could go with the medallion to change me in me and I would hide in the basement until my double comes back and I give him the medallion with her old woman's clothes, then she will leave my house by the back door.

- I would leave her car in another street or better in the woods is 10 minutes walk as it will not bother to become a woman again

-It is a great idea

Serge dressed with a light colored skirt black and a black jacket too, you have to be discreet, he chose ballerina like shoes

Finally he took his handbag and went to the door of his apartment and took his car.

- I have little time to succeed

he was excited by his idea, he felt a heat in his pants and a feeling of wetness.

- I'm wet, so weird this body and hot finally he said to himself.

So our Serge took his purse in a small gesture and left his apartment to go to the basement of his residence to board his Mini and go to his real home.

On the road he watched his mirrors all the time to see if he did not see his car and his body, he was a little afraid of what he was going to do.

He finally arrived close to his house, he spent a first time on the road in front of his house at normal pace to see if the car was parked in the driveway, as it was not there he continued and parked a little further as he had planned not to be spotted.

Fortunately the neighborhood where he lived was very quiet and there were not many people in the street to see anyone at all, he was relieved.

Arriving in front of his house he went to the door, he congratulated himself for having left the hedge high enough this year in front of his flag, so that he could advance without a possible neighbor noticing it, he turned to check that nobody He did not look at him, then he stooped and slid his hand behind a flower pot to get a key out of his hiding place.

With this key he carefully open the door of the battisse listening carefully if there was noise inside, you never know what he said since he was turned into a woman he had become quite fearful.

Then, once in the house and after checking the tower to check that there was nobody, he put the keys back in their hiding place, then went back to the house, he could finally execute his plan with great relief, the house was silent and the old male went to his room to find clothes of his male body ,.

- Warning, I have to take clothes that I'm sure no one other than me has touched.

So he went to the garage eventually, his craft, it is only him that the door she is not often washed.

He went back into the living room with his blue work and he took out of his handbag a plastic bag that contained the magic locket.

- If only I had not found all this would not have happened ... ..

His body was shaking.

- I am more and more nervous to find myself here in this woman's body, I have to transform myself into myself again, he told himself

- Why do I need to give myself courage, I feel really weird, more I stay in this body the more I feel things like a woman.

He decided to open the plastic bag and put the medallion on the table.

Suddenly he heard a running engine noise coming from the driveway outside, he was in panic, they came back, he came back, the bastard he told me he would be away longer than that, that I'll do it !!!!

he took the medallion and his bag in a hurry and rushed into the garage to hide as quickly as his body could, his heart beat and she was sweaty, she hid in the back of the garage in a part less light behind a washing machine watch, the floor was cold, but at least she felt a little safe.

She heard the door open, the couple returned to her home, a little earlier than expected, he heard his wife talking about the fact that her sister was not at home when they passed and she should call back later to talk to her, it was weird to hear her own voice chat with his wife

Christine put her handbag in the entrance as usual and went into the living room

Meanwhile the woman hidden was trying to regain her wits to find a plan to get out of this hiding without being seen, she kept thinking about it, but no solution came to her, she resigned herself to thinking that it would be necessary to wait until night to run away it'll be long

Christine started calling Serge

-Serge come please, look at you hanging your work clothes on the table

- I do not think he tells him

- you start to lose your memory darling

she took the fingertip the garment for the put dirty laundry

on the way to the basket of dirty clothes that was full, damn it

- Good I put it back in the garage he will not see the difference!

Christine opened the garage door

the intruder behind the old washing machine was terrified when she heard someone approach her.

- But, but BUT who is the scream Christine, Serge come quickly there is a thief in the garage

the body of Florence rose from his hiding place

- That's not what you think Mrs. Picard, calm down

Christine was on the defensive

- but I know you, you're one of my clients, you were at the show this week, Serge HURLA she

- I can all you explain Florence said

at the same time the massive body of Serge's body arrived in the garage

Looking both women as tense as the other he placed himself next to his wife.

- it should not have happened, said the man

- how does that tell his wife you know her?

- yes is not long story says the husband

- you are together is your mayor how dare you fool me, I will slap you slut

- not said the body of Florence it's not at all what you think

- we are with Serge here present victim of a magic curse, is the truth

- in addition you take me for a bitch bitch, come out of my house right away

- she says the truth says the real Florence prisoner of her appearance male

- you really take me for an abode, you're looking for a divorce I do not understand anything

- I can tell you everything says the woman at the back of the garage with her hands in focus, I'm not dangerous you see it, let me talk to you !!!

the real Florence moved next to her usual body

- she's telling the truth, please listen to her

- okay, but beware my patience to limits

- Well Serge and I forgive the real Florence and I exchanged our bodies Friday night said the woman pointing to her neighbor

- and you think I'm going to believe that, has the most stupid excuse I've heard not to confess that you fuck my dirty bitch husband

- but it's true, when I was doing the work at the station I find a rather banal locket hidden under the floor of the ladies' toilet and the accident and arrival and we changed we slowly turned into each other and we planned to cancel the magic of your husband's return to Serge, the real Florence once he returned from Paris.

Christine was incredulous

- the magic is reversible, but to have no problem we had to play the comedy and make other people believe and especially you that nothing had happened

- you will make me believe that you were a dude yesterday with your gestures and your step of female?

- the medallion helps the transformation, it gives you the skills of your new body, for that reason I have the attitude of Florence and her knowledge to be.

- I came here to become myself again, without warning the false Serge, it was my plan, but I let dragged this garment of work which unmasked me.

- Let's go in the living room says the man it will be better to continue our explanation

Chapter 7: revelation

Christine sat on a chair at the living room table, leaving a little distance between her and the other two people sitting on the other side of the room on the couch, there is tension in the room , trust does not reign between our three people.

Serge in his little high-pitched voice spoke first, she got up taking care to reposition her skirt correctly and spoke to the other two:

While you were at the weekend I took advantage of my free time to seek information on this magic medal.

She took the medal out of her handbag and placed it on the table at an equal distance from everyone. The medal was wrapped in a transparent plastic bag to avoid accidents and surprises, Serge said.

i will tell you what i find on the internet, there are some forums that talk about this in english, luckily you speak it Florence said she looking at the man sitting on the couch.

Christine did not understand everything that these two said to herself, it was weird for her

Serge took a sheet printed on blue paper, Florence recognized her special decoration paper that she uses to make table decoration.

Serge had used Florence's computer to search for information on forums and occult groups on the internet, the real Serge never used a computer thought Christine, he's not at all modern as a guy.

The locket looks like cheap costume jewelry. No matter how clean it is, it still seems cheap.

The medallion appears suddenly in people's lives,

It has an image of an angel or a fairy holding a wand, it has also been described as perhaps something demonic, whose origin is unknown, There is Also has strange writing around the outer edge, it seems that there may have been something written on it and that time erases it.

How this medal works:

The medallion only transforms the wearer and possibly another person if it touches the medallion at the same time in this case the two people exchange their bodies.

The body of a person can only undergo transformation by the medallion in twelve hours. It takes time for the body to recover.

If a woman is menstruating or pregnant touches the medallion she will not be affected by the magic of the medallion

If a person is transformed into a woman is that she becomes pregnant or has her period, she must wait for the return to normal and childbirth before you can use the medallion again.

The medallion can also learn memories or skills as well as slight mental changes, just by touching the medallion again with a body clothes that we live for it to work, the longer the contact is and the more there is transfer of knowledge.

Chapter 8: back to normal?

I can not believe what I heard said Christine, she comes out of the living room to go to the garage, she comes back a few seconds later, Serge and Florence had thought she would take his car to escape but no.

Christine took the medallion that was lying on the dining room table and touched a scarf that she had brought back from the garage.

Christine looked in the living room mirror as the changes began to take shape,

she felt slowly shrink, lose a few inches in height, she felt the remodeling stop she seemed to be 1,60 m hence, she felt particularly comfortable despite its loss of height.

Her hair seemed to change from her natural blond into a beautiful brown color, then she felt that her hair grew and that their length increased, she now had long hair.

Serge seemed to recognize the form in which his wife was changing, he recognized the hairstyle of his employee Anne.

Anne was about 55 years old, her screwing was sweet, she was in the opinion of Serge when he was still in his body of man, a pretty sexy mature woman.

Christine felt her face change, contract, reorganize her bone structure, small wrinkles appear around her eyes, she had just taken 10 years of seniority in a few minutes of transformation

She had the face of Anne.

"Wow," she whispered, it really works.

She looked down and saw that he was starting to gain weight.

He now had a big belly that took a few more sizes, and showed signs of developing breasts.

Her small breasts began to swell quickly.

She unbuttoned her blouse and removed her bra

She felt so strange when her breasts started to grow.

They swelled, bigger and bigger.

They slowed their growth, leaving him a fabulous neckline displayed between his hats.

"Anne's husband is a lucky guy," thought Christine a little embarrassed, feeling and weighing her beautiful melons.

She looked down, unable to see beyond her huge chest.

In the mirror, she felt her buttocks swell and her thighs grow, more and more to perfect her body a little round.

She was completely Anne.

She went back to the garage, she came back dressed in a work uniform to his new size, that of Anne, she had resigned Saturday discreetly without telling others and Christine had his work uniform with his badge in her name, she was wearing her new clothes was white pants that molded well behind her as well as a blue blouse and sneakers, a basic employee attire without much skill and went on the couch with the other two .

The other two unscrewing surprised, it was not necessary to do that, we do not yet know all the power of this medallion, our priority is to return to the normal said Serge while combing a hand.

I did not think bad doing said Christine in his new body a little plump, I feel so different is incredible you feel that you two for two days?

Yes says the man is very different indeed

I believe you now is awesome as experience says the new Anne, so I'm in this body for 12 pm?

Yes said her husband, what are we going to do now that you changed too it was already complicated enough like that

I know, I'm sorry, but it's a good opportunity for me finally, I'd like to go to my beauty salon as a basic employee to see how it goes when I'm not there

And how will you do to justify your absence, you are the boss anyway

My husband, will call my first collaborator to tell him that I'm sick and that I would be away for the week, Anne was watching the body of Serge at the same time

But you think about it no, could not you have said yourself that she had to resign and how you will do to live your life said female Serge

Only I who knows she has resigned and like me pay them and administrative canvassing, so I can handle his false presence at the show

And for everyday life, how are you going to do it's

simple the fake Serge will come with me to open the door of Anne's house, the real one left in the south of France for two weeks, she is her husband , are going to move and he is looking for a house close to Marseille, they put on sale their current house according to what I know, it would be necessary for you to open the back door with your tools,

We will take the locket with us like that I would wear it on me during the ride to gain the experience of the real Anne

She was looking at the man sitting towards her

I'm going to be Anne until next Sunday, says the new Anne, you come with me to open the door, we quickly leave by against it lives in a small village an hour away from here and it is better to go while it is still full day and then you come back and you change in your original bodies both

And you give me up for a week said the other woman, I'm your husband anyway

It will be like a vacation and I could see how my business turns without me, I'm going to learn a lot of things I think and you've both cheated me so you owe me a favor

Yes, I know, we were not honest with you, but this power is so strange, okay I'm willing to accept that you do this experiment in Anne

I thank you for your support my darling

Christine now Anne smiles at the woman sitting next to her and gently puts her hand on her thighs before the two women do not hug a little thank you

Do not waste time said Serge ( Florence), take the car and make the return trip that I can finally find my body.

I am of the same opinion said Florence (Serge)

I will go and get the rest of Anne 's work in my car and we go there said Anne (Christine), I miss her jacket.

Anne and Serge get up and go to the garage to take the car of Serge, by the way this one took his toolbox to be able to break into the real Anne.

Once the two mates sitting in the car a silence was heavy, so for two days you pretended to be a man, it must be weird, even if because of your trip we were not often together I do not I have not seen any difference with my husband, is troubled, now that I have the appearance of one of my employee, you're not even my husband actually.

- I know this magic is so disconcerting, but we do not take only the appearance of others, we also transfer in us their habits and the way to be automatically, it helps to assume this transformation, as the said Florence, sorry Serge in my body.

- You can call it Florence, it is better to name oneself according to its appearance was simpler said Anne.

- She was very brave to return to his real home to try to find his body you know, the real Florence is not so determined.

- This proves that we keep a little of our instinct even if we change the envelope.

- Yes, it's true, but there are impulses that are difficult to understand when you are not used to it, this morning when you were my wife it made me quite funny to meet you in the bathroom . I felt a strong sexual urge for you and a desire to penetrate you, to put my penis in your vagina.

- Oh yes, would you like that?

- I do not know, I wanted it all.

- And now you still want me?

- Strangely less, you are not my wife, or rather you do not have her body, your husband is someone faithful, even if you are rather a beautiful woman Anne.

- Thank you Serge

- Why are you asking me this question, you know that we will not be long in coming to the house of the real Anne.

- Yes I remember the road, even if when I was myself I have never come here seems to me.

The two transferred arrived in front of a small house simple enough, the plaster was damaged, the gate was dismount so Serge was able to park in the alley without difficulties, he left the car first to check that nobody observed them. Then he motioned for Anne to follow him behind the house, there was a small garden behind with a small tree that hid the view from the neighbor's house.

Serge with a tire changer forced the door to the lock level and the two could enter the battisse.

- I'm impressed, said Anne, you have strength in your arms !!!! Anne said, smiling at the man who had opened the door. Wait for me here before leaving.

Anne walked down the hall and into another room in the little house, Serge was waiting in the kitchen ready to go back to find his body and his life, Anne returned to the kitchen very quickly, she had to change clothes and did not wear more his work clothes but a pretty simple pale pink dress that put advantageously forward his strong chest.

- You want a drink before leaving said she

Serge (Florence) had eyes taped on the neckline Anne, to the delight of it

- So you want something? she repeated

- Euuuh yes, a glass of water, thank you

- Just that, sit down at the table I'm coming

Anne brought two glasses and a bottle of wine

Anne put the bottle on the table in front of Serge, he opened the cork and then served the drink of Anne's glass first and then his,

The glasses are linked together and another bottle was finalized, laughter burst, anecdotes Serge told about his trip to Paris, his impulses as a male when he looked at the hostesses in the living room,

- You know it was really weird for me too to pretend to be your husband and even more to sleep with you , even if we did it once,

- I understand now that I am in a body different from mine, besides you you are a man for the moment, to pass from nana to dude is hallucinating,

- I still do not come back but I also want to return to normal too, because we must not forget Serge currently wearing a skirt!

- It's no longer Serge, Serge is you, his name is Florence now and was too ironic like situation, he will experience his female side through your body, he was so macho sometimes!

- Then at your Health Anne ,,,,,,

Anne approached Serge and laughed at all his remarks, then she put her hand on his thigh, Serge smiled at him, the desire seemed to be at its height between the two friends,

All suddenly there was a noise at the front door followed by the sound of the bell ,,,,,,,

Anne decomposed

- Who can it be

- I do not know, go see, you're at home after all

- And you are not supposed to be here!

- I'll go hide in your room, come get me when there will be no risk, ok?

- Ok

- Be careful though!
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