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Short story about an encounter at the market.
George was having a rest at the Farmer's Market in downtown Jamestown. He had helped a friend (Sam) set up a booth at the market and was sitting in the shade next to the booth. It was a hot afternoon and the sun was coming from behind him. George was going to stay another three hours at the event so he could help his friend take down the booth and pack it all into the van. George was just chillin' after a burger and beer. One of his favorite activities was girl watching. Because of the 80 degree F temperature, many of the ladies were dressed in shorts, tube tops, and T-shirts. Occasionally, he would see a younger girl who was apparently "unfettered". This added to the visual display of feminine pulchritude for the afternoon.

George and a small group of his friends enjoyed checking out the women. They all had girl friends or wives and had a number of rules that they stuck to. The rules were clear and absolute. They all followed the rules.


1. Always be discreet, no staring.

2. Do nothing to disturb or embarrass the "vision".


4. Do not comment to the "vision" or others with her..

5. Never whistle, sigh, grunt or make any other rude noises to express the appreciation for the face and form of the "vision".

6. State the approximate approximate age,height, build, and hair color of the "vision".

7. Describe the attire of the "vision".

8. As close as possible, state the approximate three vital measurements of bust (with cup size), waist, and hips.

So for example one young lady George saw was a girl about 12 years old, about 5'3", slender, with brown hair. She was wearing short shorts, a t-shirt, and probably not a bra. Her measurements were about 34B - 27 - 34. As George relaxed in the shade he recalled a report from Sam on a "sighting" of a cousin in the family. She was 15 years old and only 4'8" tall. Sam said she was slender but curvy with red hair. She was wearing a brief bikini when he saw her sunning at his pool. Sam had overheard his aunt telling his mom how hard it was to buy a bra for his cousin. Her measurements were 30B - 22 - 32. Sam's aunt bought her a 32B bra and had to cut the band down so it would fit.

Another member Scott had seen a young woman with his sister. Scott described her to the club as "stacked and packed". This young woman was 22 years old and about 5'9". She was very voluptuous and had blond hair. Her measurements were 40D - 32 - 42. Scott had seen her in a snug sweater and slacks. As the afternoon warmed up, George dozed off while sitting in the sun.

When George awoke, he was looking at the shadow of someone being cast on the white tent in front of him. As he awoke he realized it was the shadow of a very shapely female. She was standing behind George and was waving to a friend. The sunlight was catching the girl from the side and projecting an intriguing shape onto the tent. George did not want to break Rule # 1, so he did not turn to see this vision. Instead he relaxed and took in the shadow. The female person was about 5'0" tall. She was wearing a very clingy top of some sort. George guessed that she was at least 30 years old because her bust silhouette was very large, especially for a petite woman. She was clearly fettered, but with a slight sag. Her waist was about 10 inches smaller than her bust, with hips that flared out to slightly smaller than her chest. A few minutes later, this shadow moved from behind to in front of George. Sam came over and hugged his aunt Anne. Sam introduced her to George who was somewhat tongue - tied. Anne was wearing a thin, stretchy tube top that clung to her breasts. She had on a bikini bottom which revealed her very small waist, and womanly hips. George had seen many shadows on the tent wall, but none were as interesting to him as Sam's aunt Anne. Later that night, Sam told George that Anne was 5'1" , he guessed close. Her measurements were 34DD - 28 - 37.
George was certain he would remember the Shadow at the Farmer's Market.
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