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A man ponders his last moments with the love of his life before they both die.
The sky is lit a bright blue.
Not at all signifying what is to come.
Cars sit stationary in the middle of a long road.
Engines still on, car doors left open.
A descending sun sits behind them
Not yet setting.

Siren sounds fill the air with a sense of panic.
Residents attempt to flee on foot
But they won't escape it, we know.
Others try to drive or bike but they won't get far.
We aren't trying to run from the inevitable.
Sitting on our porch overlooking the city
With the sun slowly falling behind.
At least we're together.

My voice fills the silence.
"I remember when we met.
You told me about all the times
You have been hurt in your life
I told you that I could give you a better future.
But if this is how our story will end,
I'm sorry, but I've failed you my dear."

The softness of your voice warms my heart.
"You've given me all I could have ever hoped for.
Through thick and thin, you have been there.
Through trials and tribulations so severe,
You were always here and that's what matters.
While I fear our time must come to this end,
Your warmth and love have kept me going these
Past few years and you will always be mine.
Through life and beyond death."

I pondered this as the sun began to set.
Though my train of thought derailed when I saw
Black spots far in the distance floating above our city.
The sky starts to turn a more appropriate orange.
Our hearts joined together for so long
About to face the ultimate test.
Though I have no doubt we will persevere.

As the dark objects grow bigger and more detailed,
I sit and ponder our time together.
You rest your head on my shoulders.
I noticed that. My love for you grows
Because of all the little things you do like this.
The planes fly in our direction as the sky
Turns to a darker orange. The blue fading away.
They are above the city now.

As the end of our story falls from the planes,
I begin to worry. Will you feel any pain?
I would go through the most painful deaths imaginable
If it meant you could pass on peacefully.

I turn towards you and give you one last kiss.
Though I don't let go.
A bright orange emits from the city and our end has come.
The sun has set.
I love you.
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