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America - The Land Of The Free, Home Of The Slaves.
This is America, its labeled the land of the free.
When in fact we are becoming the slaves of our own society.
That is why we're always smokin' on the herb while we're driving down the street.
Were in the pursuit of happiness and the freedoms that we seek.
Not a single dime in our pockets, but that won't stop us.
It's time to raise hell and take back what belongs to us.
Why should we lose what is left of our futures?
Fuck the man and his mindset of devious and dominant illusions and conclusions.
Their acting like the creator gave them the exclusive right to kill and shoot us.
So why don't I give myself the right to smash up your face stupid?
You're taking our rights, controlling our education, and hindering our career prosperity.
While hiding the true horror of our nation's future and history.
Leaving this generation of children lost and blind to the situations they face.
Teaching them to accept any sadistic form of leadership without hesitation.
You're punishing us for being patriotic while continuously defiling our patience.
Contributing intentionally to the falling of the entire nation.
Blinding our eyes to the enemy that awaits the time to infiltrate it.
Pushing the envelope until the war arrises.
ignoring the voiceless citizens' God-given right to a continuation of life.
Allowing the agendas of the rich to defy the constitution and the bill of rights.
You used the words to protect and serve to deceive us for years.
Who are you protecting and serving again?
Big business, bankers, and the damned elitists!
I know for a fact that it is neither you or me.
I say its just a smoke screen from a bunch of cock tokin' hill billy's.
Pumping our streets full of illegal drugs and waiting to catch the dealers in a bust.
Embracing massive corruption to keep your wallets stuffed.
Imprisoning the people for trying to survive when the times are getting tough.
They sit back and watch us suffer the repercussions of their economic fuck ups.
We are just statistics, we fill another prison cell.
While giving them paychecks and fulfilling their quotas until they rot in hell.
Our tax money is used by the government to pay hookers for hummers.
You can try to blind the majority, but I am not a dullard!
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