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You received a call that announces you as the lucky winner of a contest you never entered.
The voice on the other end was smooth, silky, almost mesmerizing.
"Jane Smithson, You have won our Mega Money Sweepstakes."
The pause was long enough for you to recover from your initial shock, but before you could say anything, the voice intoned "Your prize is Two Million Dollars and a brand new Mercedes Benz."
Your guard went up immediately.
You had seen television reports of persons falling victims to the lottery scam. A deadly scheme that had wiped out entire life savings, reversed fortunes and driven some to suicide.
You laughed.
"You must be joking! I never entered any lottery competition, so how could I be a winner?"
The voice remained unmoved, unperturbed by your protest, "Certainly, you have forgotten what happened last summer during your vacation in Jamaica."
Momentarily stunned, you reached inside your mind for the images from your vacation with your husband. Wild nights of pulsating music, potent drinks, flavorful food, and pungent smoke danced in your head.
Could it be that somehow you were caught under a Jamaican spell?
You dismissed that unwelcome thought.
"I know what you're trying to do, but it won't work with me!" you declared.
The voice was like water whispering in a blissful stream, "For you to claim your prize, Jane, you must pay me 10 percent."
Your annoyance was converted to anger.
"You must take me for a real fool who would give you even a dollar! Get the hell off my phone!"
You were about to hang up.
In a whisper that caressed your ears, the caller uttered two words -
"Card out"
In a trance, you reached for your purse and fished out your credit card.
"Where should I send the money?" you asked.
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