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by AppsG
Rated: 13+ · Monologue · Death · #2159048
A dead person's point of view about death.
God! I am tired! Tired of watching the people I love the most crying. Why the hell are they crying? OK! I’m just pretending of not knowing the reason of their crying, but honestly I know. I know the reason. The reason is none other than me of course. I’m just trying to forget the fact that I am no longer alive in this world. I still cannot come over the fact and the truth that I have died. I have died that too without getting to see Kashmir which is known as the heaven on the earth. But no problem, I am going to the real heaven or who knows hell maybe.
I can see my mother crying continuously since last night and all I just want right now is to console her and assure her that there’s no need of crying because I’m fine. But I am not fine. I can see my father sitting in one of the corners of our house with a blank face. His eyes like a mirror are reflecting nothing but sadness and sorrow of his loss. And there she is standing, my BFF who is no less than a sister to me. Her face has traces of tears and her red stuffy nose is telling clearly, how much she had cried. It’s the first time I have seen her crying in my life, I mean after my life. All I am just asking for from god for now is to get a chance. A chance to tell my mother that I love her as much as I love my dad. I want to tell her that no matter how much I deny the fact but she is the most important person in my life. A chance to tell my father that he is my superman. That I love and care for him a lot. To tell him that my inspiration is no one else but him. A chance to thank my best friend for being my unbiological sister. To thank her for supporting me in every damn situation of my life. And last but not the least, a chance to travel the whole world including the heaven on the earth which is none other than Kashmir of course.
And here starts my death ceremony and the rituals which are my last rights. I am being taken to the cremation ground and all I am doing right now is cursing those people who are keeping one by one heavy logs of wood on me. God! They are too heavy!
Before getting burnt into ashes I want to ask a last question to god. Why do we even die? Well yes, I kind of know that it is the rule of life but can’t we change this damn rule? Because I hate this rule! And I hate the most important ritual of the death ceremony too which is none other than burning the dead body. In this case I support the Christians and the Muslims for burying their dear ones who are no longer alive under the ground and not burning them. I mean like seriously! Burning the dead body! Oh! Common who does that? OK! I know that it’s a ritual but it is not at all a good ritual. They could have sent my body to some medical college for the students to learn something, because in that case those students would have given me blessings which could have kind of helped me in getting an entry in the heaven. But no! they have to burn me because of their damn ritual. And here, I am getting burnt into ashes.
So bye-bye dear world! I am going, because god is not at all interested in giving me a chance to do what I want to. So goodbye and take care!
Dear God, I am ready for the journey to the heaven or who knows hell maybe!
The end of whatever it is and my life…
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