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Is fear running your life?
I helped my 5-year-old daughter make lemonade once. We loaded it up with lots of ice, added enough sugar, but not too much and squeezed a cutting board full of fresh juicy lemons. It was the most delicious homemade lemonade I’ve ever tasted.
I watched from the front window on one of the hottest days of the year as she sold her juice at the end of our driveway in her sundress and baseball cap. She insisted on doing this by herself. She 5 years old after all and didn’t need the likes of her Mom around. “I got this,” she said. Her sign attracted our neighbours and a bunch of construction workers that happened to be working on our street. At 5 years old she had nothing to lose. She believed in herself and with every customer she served I watched her confidence keep building and building.

How often does fear stop us from trying something new or starting over? Your comfort zone can become your cage. Many courageous people stepped out in the face of fear and uncertainty. I lost sight of my daughter in the airport security line on her way to Spain for a year long youth exchange trip. Just as a mother bird pushes her baby bird out of the nest to teach them how to fly, I too felt like I had given my daughter some wings that day.

Sara Blakely the billionaire entrepreneur that founded Spanx said her Dad would high five her every time she failed at something.
It was a celebration.
She wasn’t ridiculed for her so-called "failed" ideas and was encouraged to try something new and make many more mistakes.
What a wonderful way to parent our children. What a wonderful way to parent ourselves. Fear is often the worst-case scenario?
It's not an elevated emotion and most of the time fear talks us out of many things we'd like to try.
We must learn to grab fear by the arm and say, “come on we’re doing this.”

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