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A revolutionary supercomputer is put to the test. Will it succeed?
"The Advanced Robotics Institute proudly presents the Ultron 5000, a breakthrough in modern robotics!" Dr. Josh Coburn announced to the invitation-only audience of the rich and famous from around the world.
"Death is no longer our final destination. We simply transfer our memories into a new body!”
More applause.
“Our first client is Heinz Goldstein, the shipping magnate who has generously contributed to our research", he continued.
Dr. Coburn tapped on the supercomputer's console and a section of the wall slid open to reveal two chairs, one of which seated a humanoid robot.
Everyone gasped.
"Ladies and Gentlemen, as soon as this demonstration is over we will start bidding. Our starting price is twenty-five million dollars. Ultron 5000 is made from a compound lighter than Magnesium and stronger than titanium. Indestructible!”
The room buzzed with approval and excitement as Mr. Goldstein took tortured steps toward the empty chair his aged body a burden from which he will be freed in a matter of seconds.
The doctor and an assistant adjusted the download headgear on the magnate and connected a similar apparatus to the humanoid.
Everyone held their breath.
Dr. Coburn tapped the keypad and a hum followed. A monitor lit up and download indicator, much like that of the ordinary computer, showed the progress for all to see. - 30%, 35%, 40%, 47%, 55%, 65%, 77%..."
The bar hit 85% and Ultron 5000 groaned.
Dr. Coburn gasped as the monitor momentarily lost focus. He rushed to the console, "We must abort!" he screamed as he tapped the keypad.
At first, the frozen system refused to respond, then a message:

“A problem has occurred during download and Ultron 5000 must shut down. All unsaved files will be lost.”

“Noooooo!” the doctor screamed.
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