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This is for anyone who is LGBT+.
We paint our skin a certain color to hide ourselves, even if it's the one we adore most.

We pick the best costumes from our closets but never wear our real clothes.

Pick your sterotype for the play
Memorize your lines
The show must go on
No matter how afraid we are of the crowd
we put on a fictional show and say it's based on a true story

What if they wonder?
But what if they know?
Eventually, the truth will unfold.

Insecure of our security
Please don't hate us for what makes us us.
You can't tell someone to change what's in their D.N.A.
You can't tell a person with anxiety to just calm down.
And you can't tell someone with blue eyes to make them brown.

We won't stand up straight and look you in the eyes telling you that your right about our personal feelings, because the way we see things wasn't ment to be.
Logic doesn't overrule love.

This is for the LGBT+

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