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Mister President.
Hello, mister president, put the plans in motion to build your mighty wall.
Mister president, don't you remember watching all of the other walls throughout history fall?
Mister president, please feel free to go ahead and make it ever so mighty and tall.
Mister president, why do you wish to construct this pointless monument of indifferences that appalls so many people?
Mister president, it isn't like they can't tunnel their way through like they already did before.
Mister president, I am assuming you haven't heard of an airplane until today?
Mister president, could you stop wasting our money and rebuild the economy, please?
Mister president, have you never heard of the Apilacions or the 8 Mile?
Mister president, we have starving children and people who receive no help at all.
Mister president, have you never seen a mother bawl?
Mister president, have you never seen a father ashamed; because he can't provide for his family at all?
Mister President, are you really fine with watching all of this misfortune fall onto our country?
Mister President, are you backing the increased cost of our living and education?
Mister president, do you understand that most jobs only pay minimal wages year after year?
Mister president, do you realize that few can prevail in this impoverished situation?
Mister President, can you admit that it is foolish to squander funding this way with people dying on the streets?
Mister president, does it somehow contradict your plans of an idealistic society to help those of us who elected you to enrich our communities?
Mister president, why is it that you can accept the suffering of the men and women that protected you?
Mister president, why do you allow such a gross abuse of power in high places?
Mister president, why do you allow them to slaughter people in helpless nations?
Mister president, is it because you fear no retaliation?
Mister president, you call yourself a true Christian and chosen man of God.
Mister president, if that is true why don't you adhere to gods wisdom?
I will say goodbye, for now, mister president!
I just hope that you can understand that it is you that lives within a wall.
Your reality is blinded by your greediness, dishonest, and toxic thoughts.
I don't hate you, I just wish that you could understand.
That you are no different than any other man.
We all matter, so let's build a better world before all hope is gone.
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