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The Contest Challenge
PRELUDE: Coincidentally, back in February, I wrote a 100 word short story entitled 'Mumsy's Birthday', and entered it in the 'Musical Drabble' Contest. The prompt was: 'The Drugs Don't Work' - a song by The Verve. You will need to please read that story (it won First Place), in order for my 'Contest Challenge' entry to make any sense.

Ergo, without further ado, I present for you now ...


While waiting for her porridge to cool, Agatha was 'interrogating' Richard, "How're you feeling, sweetheart? ... With your new medication, I mean."

DAMMIT! .. That is NONE of the old bag's business! .. But oh well, it IS her birthday!

"They're working FINE, Mumsy .. ALL of them!" A sudden impulse urged Richard to BOP her with his baseball bat.

So he did!

"SURPRISE!" (wee, hee!)

As Mumsy drowned inside her porridge, Richard watched with morbid fascination, the growing subdural hematoma. It expanded before his eyes - like a big, red birthday balloon!

Agatha blew one last bubble - "BU-BLUB!"

"I'll tidy up later. Okay, Mumsy?"

(100 WORDS)


Mumsy's 3 Day Blue Celebration Contest

The rules:
Write a NEW story or poem featuring the color BLUE


Richard realized at once, he'd made a big mistake
He'd murdered his ol' Mumsy, but she'd never got her cake
"How thoughtless of me!" Richard sobbed, and sat beside his mother
"It's choc'late with blue icing - got a flavor like no other!"

But Mumsy, she had blown her final bubble of the day
An' so unfortunately, she had nothing more to say
When Richard pulled her head up, porridge dripped down her blue nightie ...
Her eyes had popped wide open! Yep - she'd been SURPRISED alrighty!

Her skin had turned a lovely shade of Periwinkle Blue
except for globs of clotted blood, and porridge residue
"You're such a mess! " sighed Richard, holding Mumsy by the hair
That's when the doorbell chimed 'Blue Moon'. Now who could that be there?

Replacing Mumsy's head face-down inside her porridge bowl
He glanced towards the door, then hollered for (housekeeper), "FLO!"
but then remembered she was now sprawled bloodied on the floor
So probably she didn't feel like answering the door

If only Richard hadn't split poor Flo's head open wide
she'd be the one who'd go to find out who was there outside
But too late now she'd met her end by Richard's baseball bat
She'd seen what he had done to Mumsy. Ergo, that was that!

So, Richard grabbed his trusty bat, an' tip-toed to the door
then took a quick peek through the hole - 'twas Esther and Igor!
"How wonderful!" squealed Richard, "It's two more of Mumsy's friends!"
A shame they had no inkling that their lives were 'bout to end

The door squeaked open, Richard smiled a big Blue Cheesy grin
"We're just about to have blue cake!" he beamed, "Please do come in!"
The last thing Igor thought about before his brain exploded
was watching 'Hill Street Blues' at home - alone, while getting loaded

Old Esther outlived Igor by two minutes, give or take
but Richard caught her licking sweet blue icing off the cake
They'd neither one had time to notice, 'fore they met their doom
the two dead bodies, blood an' gore, all o'er the sitting room

"IDENTIFY YOURSELF AT ONCE!" the man said! Richard frowned!
He'd plum forgot the HOUSE ALARM! … Flo's job was to RESET IT ...
But first, she'd have to be alive. Now she was dead, forget it

A panicked Richard couldn't think of what to do or say!
The only thing he KNEW ... the 'Boys in Blue' were on their way!
So Richard ran upstairs into his room. And there he sat
an' pondered how the 'Boys in Blue' would like his baseball bat?

(40 lines)
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