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This poem was by my father, Carl Haselton, Jr., in the late 1950s. He loved his Mom.
Down by the side of a Mother's Churn,
A son sat patiently waiting to learn,
Learn the story of Adam and Eve,
Learn of Satan, who doth deceive,

Learn of Noah building the Ark,
Learn how he to God's voice did hark,
Learn of Joseph sold into Pharoah's Land,
Learn of Moses, leader of God's chosen band,

Learn of David, that great king,
Learn of his sheep, Goliath and a shepherd's sling,
Learn of the glories of Solomon, David's son,
Learn of his temple, his palace and his wisdom,

Learn of all the prophets of old,
Of the warnings and pleadings and prophecies they foretold,
Learn of the Messiah, the Savior of men,
His only Son, God to Earth would send,

Learn of Jesus and Mary and the Manger,
Learn of the shepherds, the Wise Men, of Herod and danger,
Learn of astounded scholars at a temple's gate,
Learn of John, Jordan, and Satan's wilderness wait,

Learn of the disciples and parables and miracles at Jesus' hand,
Of how the wonder of His teaching spread throughout the land,
Of how He fed them, healed them and forgave them of the sin,
How He said, "I am the door, only by Me may ye enter in,"

Learn how He died on Calvary's Tree one day,
The penalty for all men's sin He there did pay,
He died there in agony no other has ever known,
Forsaken by all, even His Father upon His Throne,

Learn the message of Salvation we now proclaim.
Through Jesus is Life and through no other name.
Our Message is ageless and for all.
Listen! And you will hear Him call!

In a small country church standing in the pew,
A little boy listened to the old, old story, yet so new.
Sitting in a swing by his grandpapa there,
He heard him tell how Jesus for sinner doth care.

Amid the smell of sawdust and canvass, he the Saviour did find.
He stepped to the aisle and left sin behind,
Came forward to find true peace and joy,
And truly God did save him though just a boy.

Ere soon his father went the heavenly way;
With his mother and sisters, the boy would stay.
"Watch over them," the father had said.
"I will," said the boy and bowed his head.

He prayed for strength and God did supply,
Watched over him and guided him from up on high,
Moved in his heart during family altar prayer,
"The Harvest is plenteous, workers are needed out there."

"I'm not fit," the boy did plea,
Then joined the Navy and sailed the sea.
Though not fit, he somehow knew God's will,
"Here am I," he said, all broken and yielded and still.

To be a preacher, ah yes, but this was not enough.
"To the uttermost part." this was really tough.
And yet, in his heart complete peace could he not see,
'Till he said, "Thy will is the only will for me!"

So 'tis to the uttermost part that I must go,
To find the Lost Whom He loved so,
To find them, and teach them, and help them to know,
That they may have life eternal, and to heaven go!

by Carl Haselton, Jr.
around the late 1950s
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