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Rated: 13+ · Chapter · Action/Adventure · #2159393
A baby was found on the doorstep of a couple and now the mother wants him back.

*knock knock* There was a knock on the door and a woman quickly ran away. Another woman came to the door along with her husband. As the woman looked through the peep hole, she didn't see anyone. So she decided to open it. There one the floor was a baby crying, and crying, and crying. The woman looked around to see if she saw anyone but no one was in site.

Chapter 1

It was 6 years after a little baby was found at Emilio and Jade's doorstep. Now they have treated little Michael as there own. One question Jade still has is who left Michael on there doorstep and why ? Emilio fixed breakfast for the family. He fixed sausage, eggs, bacon, toast, grits, pancakes, and waffles. Michael's favorite breakfast food was waffles and bacon, so Emilio made that just for him. Emilio and Jade spoil Michael and really care for him. Soon one day when he grows up they will tell Michael where he really came from and what happened to him. "Hey Bug you ready for school" ? Jade asked Michael. "Yes mommy let's go". He replied. " You two have a great day I'm off to work" Emilio proudly said to Jade and Michael. He kissed both of them on the for head and headed to work. Once Jade dropped Michael off at school she also went to work. Jade works and a Lawyer and Emilio works as a Real Estate agent. They had a great life and awesome family..... Well that's what they thought.

Chapter 2

It was Jade's day to pick up Michael from school. They both got into he car and Jade said "So bug, you want to go get some ice cream" ? "Ooouuu yesss. I want- " Michael said "Vanilla ice cream with sprinkles" They both said together, then laughed. Jade drove to get the ice cream and they went to the park. Michael went to play on the slides and swings while Jade sat on the bench and gradually watched him play. Michael played with the other little kids he saw. He made new friends and Jade made some new friends herself. It was the mother of one of the kids Michael was playing with. The mother said "Hey there. How is your day" ? " My day is great how is yours" ? Jade replied. "Thank you for asking my day is going good. I was wondering if you want to set a play date for the kids" I saw your son happily playing with my son and thought they might want to play again sometime" They lady asked. "You know what ? That would be a fantastic idea for the kids". Jade insisted. " I am about to go home but can I get your number" ? The woman asked Jade. "Yes its 404-637-9817". "I will see you soon" the woman said and left with her son. Afterwards Jade and Michael stayed at the park for 30 more minutes and went home. Emilio got home 2 hours later. The family of three had dinner together and then it was almost time for Michael to go to sleep. So he did what he always did before bedtime. He brushed his teeth, washed his face, and flossed. Jade tucked him in, read a bedtime story and turned on the night light. Soon Michael feel asleep and Jade left Michael's room and went to the living room to watch a movie with Emilio.
*3 and a half hours later* There was a loud crash that woke Jade up. She was scared so she woke up Emilio and told him to check it out. What he found was very surprisingly scary. It was glass all over the floor from a broken patio door from a brick that said "I WANT MY CHILD" In what looked like blood. Emilio was very shocked so he checked outside to see if anyone was there. No sign of anyone. The only thing he thought of at that moment was his son, Michael.

Chapter 3
Jade asked Emilio if everything was okay. Emilio replied "No. Actually call the police right away". Jade quickly ran to the house phone and dialed 911. She then gave the phone to Emilio. He explained what was thrown through the patio door and someone was at there house in less than 10 minutes. Jade told the officer about Michael and how he arrived on their doorstep. So the officer knew that whoever threw the brick wanted Michael back. But who was it ? One police officer stayed in their car over night just in case the person came back. The other police officers went home. That night Jade picked up Michael from his bed and took him in their room to sleep. Emilio, Jade, and Michael all slept soundly. *ring* *ring* *ring* It was Jade's alarm telling her to wake up. Its time for Michael to get ready for school. She woke him up and he started getting ready for school. He put on his shirt. Then, his pants. Next his socks. And last, his shoes. After that he brushed his teeth, washed his face, and flossed. When Michael was done he sat at the table to eat breakfast. Emilio was up and drinking coffee. Thinking about what happened last night and hoping it won't happened again.
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