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This is the first chapter of a story of a guy in high school in love with his best friend.
Chapter 1
17. . . next Tuesday I’m 17. One week away from September 28, and my life is quickly changing. Just 8 days ago, it was Amber’s birthday, and on her magical birthday the guy of her dreams asked her out. Will, he’s kind of immature, and she’s really clingy, but somehow it works. I’m Sean, I have been on more dates than there are stars in the sky, but my life could not be more normal.
I woke up to the beeping of my alarm, I trudged out of bed to go get clean clothes. Soon after I heard my phone buzz, it was a text from Will, reading, lets wear the BYU shirt that we both have. I went to the closet and grabbed the shirt, putting on a pair of jean with my black vans. I went to the bathroom to do my hair, because you can’t go through the day without the swoosh. I looked down at my phone the time was 5:30, I turned around and looked out my back window, and there she was, there was Amber on her run. She randomly hopped the fence though, which was not normal. I watched her until she was out of sight, then went down stairs to go get some breakfast.
I opened the freezer to grab some leftover waffles from our family breakfast on Saturday. I was so excited to eat it with strawberries, butter, syrup and my personal favorite. . . whipped cream!!! Everyone has their comfort food and mine is whipped cream, so I eat it every day. I took my warmed waffle, put on some butter, let it melt in and went to grab some whipped cream. Oh no, when I opened up the fridge there was no whipped cream, this day is probably going to suck. So, I just put some strawberries and syrup on them. As I ate I thought about what might have happened to the whipped cream. I was in deep thought when I was interrupted by a loud honk. I ran out the door to meet Will, I hopped in the front seat like usual. He looked at me and said “Did you forget?’
“Forget what?”
“You no longer get the front seat.”
“Oh Ya” I climbed into the back and sat by the window. Will pulled out of the driveway and as he was driving down the street I asked him, “Why did you want to wear matching shirts? It didn’t seem like you?”
“Well you know how the simple things in fashion and friendship make Amber happy?”
“Well ya of course I know that I’ve known her for a long time.”
“So, I wanted to make her happy and wear matching shirts.”
“Wow, that’s great.” I said rolling my eyes. He just laughed. It was strange I never had a girl that made me want to wear matching shirts just to make them happy, was it weird I was jealous?
Just then we pulled up to Peters house, he was wearing a black shirt and jeans. He had his earbuds in like always probably listening to heavy metal as usual. He got in the back seat in the middle because before the whole Amber and Will being together she would normally sit in the middle being that she was the smallest, Peter at either window and Gabe and I switching between the window and front seat. Poor Peter has to sit between Gabe who is really tall but not that strong and me who has broad shoulder, strong arms and legs and I’m tall. Will turned on country because Amber enjoys country and he will do whatever makes her happy. We were singing the whole way and Gabe hopped in the car once we got to his house and joined our singing.
Then I looked at his shirt and he too was wearing a BYU shirt but his didn’t match ours. His was black with long sleeves. Ours was light blue and a tee shirt. Then we turned the corner and there was Ambers house, she wasn’t inside she was standing outside looking very nervous and I didn’t know why. She was on her phone and then mine vibrated. I looked down and read we need to talk it’s really important. Ok so the first time Amber said something was important it really was and what ever this is it could be life threating, then as she was walking into the car I looked down and read, don’t tell Will!!! This was weird she never was this nervous about anything but as soon as she opened the door she screamed and yelled, “OH MY GOSH!!!! Your shirts match and Gabe’s is similar!!!” I laughed and as she climbed in Will leaned over like he was going to tell her something but then kissed her on the cheek. She was so red I thought she might stay that way.
When I looked at her I saw that she had changed her nails, AGAIN! Ok so I get that like every month girls might do their nail but she changes them like every day! Today they where teal with one on her ring fingers which where gold. I asked “Amber why do you change your nails so often?”
“Well you see yesterday I wore a yellow shirt and had a yellow to orange gradient on them but that doesn’t match my teal shirt that I’m wearing. . .” She kept talking but to be completely honest I didn’t care but then I had a realization! I knew what had happened to the whipped cream. “Amber open the glove box” I said. She opened it and out came my whipped cream- it might seem weird it was there but yesterday I had wanted it because I had to skip breakfast and them I must have forgotten it.
As I took it from her, I squirted some whipped cream into my mouth we turned the corner into the church at about 6:10 and we walked in for seminary.

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