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The Implant
Jason woke with a pounding headache. He opened his eyes and blinked furiously, trying to focus. He was nearly blinded by a trio of lights shining in his eyes and lifted his hand to block them from blinding him further. He turned to his side and groaned. Every muscle in his body seemed to be screaming for attention.

“Ah Jason, you’re finally awake!” Came a deep baritone voice from behind him. “I was wondering when you’d finally come too.”

Jason felt a hand gently pull at him until he was on his back again. He was able to see better but the lights still caused him to squint.
“Get those lights out of my eyes.” Muttered Jason.

“Most assuredly, can you see OK? Any spots or speckles? Color or Black and White?” Replied the deep voice.

Jason closed his eyes, then re-opened them slowly. His vision appeared to be normal, however he noticed that his perception of color seemed to have changed. He could see the tan color of the walls, but now it seemed like he was viewing it in super HD quality. Everything in the room stood out supremely clear, all the colors rich and vibrant.

Jason turned his head and saw the man who had been speaking to him. He was of average height and was light skinned with a short beard and mustache.

Suddenly it all came back to him! Doctor Joseph Kerdian! The implant!

“You need to relax Jason.” Came the soothing voice of the Doctor. “The procedure was successful. You should be up and about by the end of the day.”

Jason closed his eyes as the memory of the last few months came flooding back into his mind. The car crash, the paralysis, the prognosis that he would never be able to walk again, or have the use of his limbs. Forever to be a paraplegic. The sudden arrival of the Doctor who promised a new technology that would allow him to be himself again.

The Doctor walked to a small computer station and began typing lightly on the keyboard. The light from the monitor reflected and flickered on his face. He looked up and smiled at Jason, “I’m activating the rest of the implant. This will give you full access to its capabilities. Are you ready?”

Jason nodded slowly. There was a click and a snap and Jason felt an electrical surge through his body. Suddenly screens of information flashed across his vision, suspended in the air before him. Screens showing his heart rate and body temperature. Screens with data of the rooms temperature, the floor plans of the facility he was in. Several other screens showing the doctors face with a complete read out of him. Body size, temperature and vitals. A brief history of the doctors life history, schools attended. All flashed before him in milliseconds, but he understood them all and had instant access to all kinds of information.

Suddenly there was a voice in his head. A female voice that seemed to whisper seductively,”Hello Jason, I am Karen.”
Jason blurted out loud, “Karen?”

The Doctor smiled. “Yes, the voice you hear in your head is Karen. It is an A.I. that runs your implant. She will be with you forever now.”

The voice in his head whispered gently “It’s OK dear, we’ll have a wonderful time together.”
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