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Where is all the coverup heading?
I had nightmares last night about what the government is trying to cover up.

On the one hand is the Dr. Stephen Greer hypothesis that the United States Government plans to use a Unidentified Flying Object (UFO) Invasion in an attempt to force a one world order of government. His contention is that the USA will use back engineered saucers and genetically engineered humanoids to make it appear we're being attacked by Aliens. This will cause the countries of earth to unify against the extraterrestrial invaders and cede their sovereignty ("temporarily") until the threat can be defeated and order once more returned to the safety of human hands.

Sound liked the most bizarre figment of the imagination a Conspiracy Theorist will ever come up with? Certainly sounds like a bit of a stretch for any sane person to accept... until you think back that it only took two A-bombs for the Japanese to throw up their hands and call it quits. Think about what President Eisenhower said, as he left office... "... beware of the Military Industrial Complex."

Who are these people in the Deep State, who answer to no one but themselves, who run these dark programs that are spending trillions each year to acquire the technology that will unlock interstellar travel? What has Majestic 12 morphed into... that council appointed by President Truman, to look into the saucer crashes in the late 1950s. All the original members have died but rumors are that it is still operating in over drive and was the genesis for what we now call "The Deep State." The Deep State was established as a civilian entity, not subject to Congressional or even Presidential oversight to keep a lid on the extraterrestrial intervention and crash programs to acquire the weapons and technology of space travel. We have been been up to our neck in these ultra secret, highly compartmentalized, special access programs ever since.

"We now have the ability to take ET home." Ben Rich, former head of Lockheed Skunkworks.

At the heart of the matter is what President Truman found out that motivated him to short circuit our Democratic Process in order to launch an initiative and protect a secret that dwarfs the Manhattan Project. What is this big bad secret? What agreements were reached with the Extraterrestrials in return for the technologies they promised to provide? Read the quotes in Greer's book. He didn't make these up. I've listed some of the more notable in my earlier blogs. There's some bad MOJO going on that won't stay secret forever. The taint is spilling over into the political process and is evidenced in the shenanigans of the recent administration.
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