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That old blue ribbon Is just what you are, memories tied to me.
Just another knot
in that old blue ribbon;
that is what you are,
A memory tied to me.
I met you on an island.

We were cliche and true;
southern Pacific fun,
and surf pounded lust.
The memories are far behind;
just a frayed band.

Lightened by sun and strife;
you are the old ribbon
tied to my heart.
In your ebon tresses
was knotted a ribbon bright.

Against the darkness,
Once you were my light.
You live in a land
of perpetual summer.
I was only desert to you.

The cold comforts of life
are my forever home.
I took something away,
as strong or weak as
Thread woven from
a single black hair.

Like something found
in an empty car seat.
I still carry your memory
through days and decades
and thousands of miles,

Your presence was my present.
My present longs for sunshine,
clouded by the memory; our past.
On these cold winter days
I pray for the weakest rays.

In absence of a dormant sun,
I carefully pull the past out
and slip into the comfort
of your imagined embrace.
There I cast fact aside.

I like the relationship
we could have had
As I re-live a month
of shameless lust and heat;
We are just another knot.

That old blue ribbon
Is just what you are;
memories tied to me.
Memories tied to me
in that old blue ribbon.
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