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My hair swayed in the wind, I held the camera up. Adjusting the lens, turning to the knob to the outside feature. Aiming the camera up at the sky, focusing on the gray colored clouds in the sky. But before taking the picture. I stopped for a moment, I looked at it from just the view of my eyes, without the lens. Then I aimed it once more at the sky, at the windswept clouds. Focusing the silhouette of a tree in the photo. Then pressing down on the silver button of the camera. Click, went the camera. I was alone in the park. No one stood around me. Just me and the darkened sky above. My boss had told me to come here, looking for something interesting. But all I could think was how silly he must be. To think he could write a story about clouds, about a tree. I walked through, still focusing on the sky above, then looked down. I found the nearest wooden bench and sat down. Staring once more at the sky. Waiting for something to happen. For a miracle that would keep me from getting fired. Then I pulled out my notebook. No use just waiting. So I wrote. "Dear diary, the cloud above my head is gray, grayer than my life. I take these photos, which I love, but what am I missing. The sky is so gray, I could say..." When all of a sudden a voice spoke.
"Nice poetic sentence, you really catch the gray of the world around us." it joked. I looked up from my notebook, a man was sitting next to me reading over my shoulder.
"Pardon me for not introducing myself. My name is Leo. I don't think we've met yet." He said smirking. I smiled, was this what I was missing. Was I missing something like this? I stood up slowly, and he followed. He grasped my camera, and said, "Maybe you just need to have a life, that way you can see what you are missing in the life around you."
Ever since, we have owned a photography company, working together. I will never forget that day. The day when the sky was so gray, the day where I found the missing piece to my life.
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