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Domestication. Cultural
This may not be so popular so before I go on I’d like to paraphrase Marianne Williamson saying “Love is All Encompassing and can have no opposite” which is what I practice subscribing to. I say practice because it’s hard being domesticated and not connecting to an opposite. So to me it’s at least worth a thought that “Love” itself could very well be separation. I forget who’s quote this is but it says “If Jesus Christ isn’t God he is most certainly the Devil himself” or something like that. I’ve never been able to find the quote again... Whitman, Frost??? I look but never find. Now I believe Jesus Christ has come to me more than once, he paints animals for me to see Deer mostly and I can “see” him but I can help but wonder why it’s white Jesus... is that just so I better relate??? Again, it’s certainly worth the thought. If I were the Devil, either Jesus Christ or Love would be my disguise for the simple fact that they are so global and I’d get the most Souls or Energy to mislead. Come to think of it, these days, I would use Enlightenment as a disguise as well. Now I feel I can safely say that Energy isn’t conscious in the way it’s doing something “on purpose” Pain body or even dream of the planet makes much more sense to me than evil or Satan because I do believe we as humans have created this just as we did every other word and idea. I don’t believe pain body is consciously causing pain. We made the pain. It seems to be there but I can’t believe it’s malicious. The fact that a fire is not trying to kill doesn’t mean it isn’t a hazard though. No matter where it spreads fire is not,in fact, running after me. Separation, if it is malicious, wouldn’t care or what it used to mislead. Then there’s the quote “The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didn't exist.” I will figure this out.
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