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Strong over tones of settling for less than what we are worth for reasons possibly unknown
Tonight I'll stoop to your level and play the role I've been cast to play

I'll keep my thoughts bottled up and set the stage for this charade

I'll let you use my skin to bury your resentment in, and silence my hopes of wanting something more

And this time I won't ask you to stay as I watch you fumble around in the dark to find your underwear, your socks, and then the door.

And at my own suggestion, I will ask no questions as I wait for the reason as to why you have to leave

The scene is set and the characters become clear to me now.....yours is Adam, and mine is Eve

Just do me a favor, after all, it's the least that you can do

Just don't treat me like I am something that could never be real to you

And I'll let go the ratio of things said to things seen

The ones that contradict what the heart really wants, what it needs.

That's just how it is some days when you're cast to play the life of Eve

Just know that the roles we play are played to escape the things that we are often to afraid to say

And just know, that I know, your role fills the space of a hole just as equally as big as mine

And in the conception of discovering ourselves trying to figure out if it's safe to say just who we really are

leaving behind those two strangers who met that day in that bar.

Or are we just gonna hold steady the illusions that we've created in order to maintain our stone faces?

So far I'd say we're doing an epic job at the latter of the two.

Still I wonder, whose gonna cave first, give way to the crave first, break down and become a slave of that four letter word, me or you?

But for now I"ll pretend there is no tiny pin prick in my big red balloon,

because every time I start to exhale is when you grab your keys and leave the room.

I wonder who wrote this script, and just who is pulling the strings, but tonight I'll suck it up again

so the crowd may be entertained. As it seems to be best for everyone's sake,

I'll let you be the tricked victim with a halo, and I'll be that woman holding an apple listening to whispers of a snake.

And as you leave me to my garden, and take take the nights bow

I'll be left to close the curtains, and do my thinking back stage

Wondering if tomorrow will bring an encore of the roles we played today

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