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by mags
Rated: E · Poetry · Contest Entry · #2159801
A different, thoughtful spin on some fairy tales of long ago.

Strange Things

I saw a fireball early in the evening cascading across the sky

I witnessed a cow jumping over the moon and began to wonder why

Did Jack really play that fiddle and Little Boy Blue blow his horn

Was Humpty Dumpty really an egg or was that the way he was born.

I can see Jack and Jill going up the hill and wonder if they were related

Did Peter put his wife in the shell or was she a girl he just dated.

I wondered why grandmas lived in the woods and granddaughters would visit

I can't imagine a house that secluded or, anyone old living in it.

If the 3 little pigs built a house; I wonder what they used for hands

I can't imagine the dish running away with spoons and not taking pots or pans.

Why didn't Old Mother Hubbard know that her cupboard was bare?

Could she have been going through the hardest of times and, was used to no food being there?

When Jack climbed the beanstalk to the giant's house and broke in and took all his wealth

Why was Jack not convicted for his crimes? Why didn't these lead to his arrest?

Life is so full of fairy tales and the mind has hidden desires

Of wickedness, wealth, stealing and pain but mostly filled with liars.

What if Jack gave back and Humpty Dumpty never sat on that wall

What if grandmas lived closer to home and never endangered little girls at all

What if pigs were just for eating and eggs just for beating

Why didn't Peters wife used caution when they were meeting?

And mother Hubbard had plenty of food for eating.

What if little boy blue didn't blow his horn

and he met a fiddler early in the morn.

They could have worked together to form a band

And worked in the pasture as a helping hand.

Why didn't they move that well to the bottom of the hill?

That would have been better for Jack and Jill

I don't believe that old cow really jumped over the moon

I think someone drank too much before it was noon.

Fairy tales sometimes have cruel endings

Maybe that's the message they are sending.

Sometimes things cannot be faced

And fairytales are just the truth misplaced

Maybe a man lost his home and lived in a bare room

And was so hungry he said, the dish ran away with the spoon

Humpty could have been a fragile man that thought he was better everyone else

Maybe he thought he was better than the rest and put himself high upon a shelf

Those 3 little pigs could be about gluttony

And how only 2 were smarter of the 3

Little Red Riding Hood could have fallen in love with a mate

That deceived her and killed her while out on a date.

Maybe Jack had no backbone

And was tired of living broken and alone

Maybe he thought God wouldn't give him anything

So, he envisioned going to heaven to take back everything

Maybe he thought it was owed to him

And taking his blessing was anything but a sin.

Peter could have been an insecure and controlling man

That locked away woman and gave them demands.

He was an abuser, predator and rapist

Maybe he disguised these poems to be famous

Remember Wee Willie winkle running through the town

Upstairs and downstairs in his night gown

He could be tapping at your windows and breaking in your house

Waiting for you to go to bed and tape your hands and mouth.

So, be careful what you sing about and please don't sing these tunes

Or they may create a fairy tale, about murdering you real soon.

© Copyright 2018 mags (maggie61 at Writing.Com). All rights reserved.
Writing.Com, its affiliates and syndicates have been granted non-exclusive rights to display this work.
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Printed from https://www.Writing.Com/view/2159801