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The Government coverup of an extraterrestrial presence on Earth has got on long enough.
Linda Moulton Howe has been relentless in advocating for disclosure of the US Government's coverup of UFOs. Others like Dr. Greer and Morton Friedman along with a host of others have been proclaiming the same theme. The Aliens are here and have been for a long time.

Many people have watched her presentations, particularly regarding cattle mutilations, but also on human abductions and more recently on the threat from artificial intelligence.

As a consequence of her tireless efforts, insiders have come forward and provided her with information which otherwise would never have seen the light of day. Two documents in particular stand out, however, there are many. The first was a military like field manual on steps to be followed when an extraterrestrial vehicle falls to earth. Sergeant Stone, in a separate video, describes exactly how these procedures, outlined in the manual, are put into effect. He participated in many of the recovery missions. This manual was developed after Roswell and refined through the course of many recover opportunities that the US Government undertook. Some crashes were the result of operator error and some due to various technical malfunctions. Others were a consequence of being interdicted by aircraft or various types of air defense systems. Surprisingly, the aliens were vulnerable early on to high powered radars which effected the pilot/saucer interface resulting in loss of control.

The second compelling document is the First MJ-12 annual report that she acquired. This report had several portentous revelations which included the deaths of recover personnel from what was termed Retro Viruses, which today includes diseases such as HIV and Ebola. Despite wearing protective overgarments four of the members of the LS1, LS2 (Roswell) and LS2 (Alamogordo) crash sites died subsequent to the retrieval effort. One died almost immediately and others followed, dying of perfuse bleeding, resulting from becoming contaminated. Tissue samples were taken and sent to Ft. Dietrich, Maryland. This was in the May-July Time frame of 1947.

The reason for these crashes was that a month earlier the aliens had interdicted V2 launch efforts at White Sands missile range causing a rocket to crash. A month later air defense systems were in place and when the extraterrestrials attempted a second repetition, the military had countermeasures in inplace. Examples of this included not just radar but antiaircraft missiles and other systems (Scaler) in the prototype stages of development after WW2.

The Aliens retaliated by shooting down a number of military and commercial aircraft, including several B-36 Bombers carrying Atomic Bombs over the polar regions. Further there was a demonstration that followed of saucers over the Nation's capitol in Washington DC that was suppressed with the aid of the media. President Truman and the US Military were clearly outmatched and hostilities against the saucer like craft ceased immediately.

The problem in those turbulent times was clearly the time worn cliche "...What we have here is a failure to communicate," which continues to this day. Fortunately there was an extraterrestrial survivor named EBE-1 who was able to work with scientists and send a message from equipment in the downed saucer. This set into motion acquiring the symbology which over time improved to the point where a remedial conversation was possible. This led to an exchange, first of alien remains and later to one involving an exchange of personnel. Since that time we have been working and having direct contact with various races of extraterristerials.

The reason for this collaboration with the ETs is a desire by the Military and our Government to learn more about the technology of Space Travel. We have made huge progress in the past seventy five years. The alien part of the quid-pro-quo is harder to determine. The Government has taken the view that if these visitors were overtly hostile they could have ended life on earth at any time given the superiority of their technology. It is said that their interest in the Earth has to do with its biology and in return for helping us with technology it is rumored that we've provided them with bases and authorized them to conduct animal experimentation (mutilations ) and even human research (abductions) as long as those people taken were returned unharmed.

A claim, widely supported by archeological evidence, is that extraterrestrials have been visiting for thousands of years and interacting in various ways. Evidence left in the stone work of megalithic civilizations supports this hypothesis. Not only is the sheer size of the quarried rock not attributable to a hunter gather civilization but the manner in which the rocks are shaped and joined do not suggest the work of human inhabitants. The walls at Cusco, are a good example, as are those in parts of Lebanon.

How much longer the Government can continue to carry out the coverup is a matter of much controversy and speculation. It could be the government has good reason or it could be the same ole...same ole, greed, corruption and special interest. One thing I do know, from long experience, is that if the alien threat turns hostile the people on this planet have been kept in the dark and not allowed to become socially immunized to the down side of what these new relationships potentially have in store. In this sense the coverup has done a grave disservice to the American people. It's time for full government disclosure.

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