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This is a TRUE Story (only the facts are completely distorted).
Created On: 06-01-18
Edited By Jonblair On: 06-01-18

Just finished watching my first, "Sharknado" movie with my grandson (after he asked me to watch it with him). I don't know what was more ridiculous, the movie itself, or me for watching it, but it's amazing to know there are now five sequels (number six is in production) to the original. It's all based on some preposterous story about these out of nowhere waterspouts that scoop man-eating sharks out of the ocean and flood cities with shark-infested sea water. The success of the original sparked the sequels, and these movies, as I understand it, have quite a cult following, begging the question, "WHY?" The movies are a disaster horror/comedy genre, and amazingly, are lent further "ridiculous" credibility with celebrities from the "Today" show as part of the movie, providing news and weather updates which almost sound believable, LOL! Well, the bottom line is that it was fun to watch with my grandson, who afterwards asked me if what was seen was true, so I answered his question honestly and factually, although by the end of the movie I believe he had figured out it was ridiculous as well, and just wanted confirmation from his grandfather. Maybe that's why these, "Sharknado" movies are so popular, because, as one critic stated, "Proudly, shamelessly, and gloriously brainless, Sharknado redefines 'so bad it's good' for a new generation." Lord help us!

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