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Once in Europe, there was a period when creativity and arts are taken away from people, and people began to feel miserable. Humanity declined. And that is when Europe stepped into the Dark Ages. But then there was a period in the 14th century called the Renaissance. Millions of creations were constituted. At that time, the artists were the ones who saved the people. Michelangelo, Da Vinci, Michael, and a lot more. Their creations inspired the art development.

In USA nowadays, Mathematics and Science were not the best the people are. But do you know what they are productive? Music and arts. Nowadays, the pop music and Hollywood music are reaching sky-high popularity among the world. People are fond of how artistic the Americans are.

Nowadays, a lot of people admire the creativity artists are. No matter in the park or at the pier, if you sketch the perspectives of light well, then the passers-by will stop by and watch you paint using skillful techniques. This shows that it is art which brings happiness and joy to people and pull us from misery.

Unfortunately, Hong Kong has always been a cultural desert. The working pace of people are extremely fast, and the Happiness Index of Hong Kongers ranked very low. Imagine yourself working overtime and facing lots of pressure, but on the train, listening to music, no matter pop music or classical music, it would make you feel instantly better, isn't it?

Back in US, in the 1960s, the scientific development had been very rapid. However, that was also the time when Elvis Presley dominates the stage. In Hong Kong, the 1970s and 80s is also the golden time of the development of Hong Kong's economy. But it was also when the band, Beyond, skyrocketing its popularity.

Science and creativity feed each other. The weigh would be unbalanced if creativity of us is deteriorating or not valued. For example, when you step in your room, what is greeting you is just a four white walls with completely nothing. Then you decorate it by painting it to colors and adding accessories and paintings, doesn't it look better?

When all people started using logic to think about all matters, the creativity will be demolished and neglected. In that case, our potential will be sealed, and we will only put ourselves into misery. I am not saying that logic is absolutely wrong, but just that we should not underestimate the power of artistic thinking. When someone ask you, "Do you even have logic?" Think about that whether it is your problem, or that that person is not innovative. If it is the latter, then you can say that "I am not stupid. I am just thinking in another way."

Einstein once said that "imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited. Imagination encircles the world." When you cannot only use logic to solve a question, try using another way of thinking, imagination for instance. Sometimes, the problem is easier than you think.
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