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by komall
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Bully is done deliberately.
"Bullying is not the reflection of victim's character, but rather the
sign of bully's lack of character".

According to me, the bully is like a virus that eats the brain of people by hurting them through words or actions. Mental bully kills people from inside they feel that they are bound, in a way that they never forget what people has done to them. Bullies come into their mind minute by minute that leads them towards overthinking, by and by they become emotionally week than others. Physically they look fine and when they talk they are the one who is more polite. The fact is they are fighting in their heart and mind at the same time. These people feel worse because bully remains inside of them. They started to degrade themselves, they move towards a pessimistic approach, they think that everyone around them is not happy or satisfied because of them, they feel they are not good to society, they started observing negative things surrounding them; they become inactive and feels gloomy and isolate themselves from society.

They think they can't do anything good to others they lost their self-esteem. They can't speak publicly they become afraid that what will happen next if they speak among people. Honestly, they are lost, they are in their worst phase of life. I have also noticed they don't make friends anymore, their actions tell that they are trying to be part of friend circle and also they want to describe themselves but they fail to do. They are scared of something, something in their mind is wandering like people will make fun of their mistakes or they talk or how they wear clothes, they also become self-conscious. People destroy them emotionally by humiliating them. People found them vulnerable just because the victim can't take stand or fear can be clearly seen on their faces. This all happens because the person who bullied thinks that after bullying people or stigmatizing him/her they will become cool or powerful.

Mental bully is also threatening a person in a way that the person who bullied has taken something away from them (victim). Yeah, you have taken their confidence by hurting them from your words, you insult them, you make their self-esteem low.

Person who is bullied they only want love, respect, and everyone wants that its nothing new, they deserve this and according to me I have found them the one who take care of others, they not only show sympathy but also have empathy and I have seen people who do mental bully are of 19 to 22 years old like seriously, you people are grown up adults there are lots of things to do in this world so, for God's sake stop pointing and wasting time on others by telling them you are weaker than me. Please use this time and energy for some good purpose definitely you will be successful in your field/career or what else.

What you can do if you are bullied: You have to keep yourself relax. They are not the one who is deciding your life. They are like stones on the road who is as a barrier, move that stones aside and keep moving. If you can ignore them do it, don't fight back because they want a situation to get worse and blame you and bring you down in public and if you think you have now enough courage to speak than look at their eye clearly and say them to stop (hope the situation doesn't get worst). It is also for us where the bully is happening we should stop it. Hope by taking a positive step this bully will end.

" We must stop bullying it starts here it starts now". -Anonymous

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