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Rated: 13+ · Short Story · Action/Adventure · #2160011
The story of a young girl trying to escape limbo.
Candle and the Otherworldly Orbs

The story of a young girl trying to escape limbo.

Darkness Everywhere

I awoke in a room that wasn't my bedroom. My story begins here; in the darkness.

I looked around the musty room and got up from the dark and dingy sheets of the strange bed I was in. I shuddered to think of all the bed bugs and mites it carried.

I stepped around and noticed a door on each of the four walls of this grim room. Each door seemed to have an indent that a small spherical object could be placed in it. One of these doors - the blue one - had an orb in it.

I touched the orb and it glowed an alluring bluish glow and the door disappeared. Beyond where the door had been was a long dark hallway.

The strange hallway was coated in dust and I noticed many remains of past people laying upon the ground. The hallway forked into several other hallways and that's when I realized that I was in a labyrinth.


The Second Orb

When I made it to the end of the maze, I was greeted by a strange girl with glowing red eyes.

"Another one?" She muttered silently in the shadows of the labyrinth.

I just stood there - afraid - and waiting for her to continue speaking.

"Unite the four orbs but beware..." She said before vanishing into the darkness of the grim corridor.

A sudden yellow glow emanated from where she had vanished. I looked down and saw another orb like the one from the door I passed through. I picked up this second orb.

It was warm.


I made my way back to the first door I entered and I walked over to the yellow door with the spherical hole. I knew that I had to place the orb in this hole but I thought again of the strange girl's warning.

I closed my eyes and placed it in. The yellow glow seemed to fade from the orb before it came back and the door glowed a bright yellow before fading back into the shadows.

Perhaps it didn't work? I turned the orb and the door vanished revealing another hallway like the blue door did.

I entered the hallway and prepared myself for what was next to come.


The Red Orb and the Yellow-Eyed Girl

When I was deep enough into the corridor, I heard a young girl giggling. Perhaps this girl was the one I had met or just a kid playing tricks on me.

I continued moving towards the sound of the child laughing until I met up with a girl like the one before but this one had glowing yellow eyes.

"Want to play?" The girl's voice echoed throughout the maze and penetrated my mind.

I shook my head and the young girl revealed a red orb, "Looking for this? Catch me!"

The girl ran off deeper into the maze and her giggling faded into the distance. I felt that I had to unite the orbs so I chased after the girl and after what felt like hours, I finally caught her.

"That was fun! We'll play again later." The yellow-eyed girl left the red orb and faded away into the shadows. What did she mean by 'play again later'? I shook my head and traveled back down the maze to the doors.


When I made it to the bedroom, I noticed a purple-eyed girl standing there. I stepped closer towards her and she spoke, "Beware the girl with blue eyes for she will lead you astray..."

The purple-eyed girl vanished like the smoke of a dying fire.


The Final Orb and the Purple Door

I walked over to the red door and placed in the red orb. A bright crimson light glowed from within the orb and the red door opened up revealing, again, a long corridor.

I thought to myself about what the girl with purple eyes said and made sure not to trust the blue-eyed girl but how was I sure that the purple-eyed girl wasn't trying to lead me off?

My thoughts tormented me until I saw a girl like the others but this was the girl with blue glowing eyes.

"You are lost, aren't you?" The girl's soft voice echoed aloud, "The right hallway leads not to the orb you seek."

The girl vanished into the darkness and I was left to wonder if she could be trusted.

I thought for a long time and chose to go down the right hallway and follow what the purple-eyed girl told me.

That was a mistake.


At the end of this corridor, I saw the purple-eyed girl. She just stared at me from the end of the long dark hall as I moved closer.

"You have listened to me and I appreciate it but the orb isn't here." The girl said plainly.

I stared angrily at the girl because she told me to ignore what the blue-eyed girl said. This was a trap.

"The orb is gone," The girl explained, "lost to time itself; as you soon will be."

The purple-eyed girl vanished and I turned back down the musty hallway to chose the right path this time. The left path was gone when I got there.

I pushed against the wall of where the hallway should've been but it was no use. I decided to go and look for the blue-eyed girl but when I made it to the bedroom, I saw the yellow-eyed girl holding the orb.

I looked at the girl and she smiled faintly, "I knew you'd be back! Go find me something as pretty as this orb and I'll trade you."

This time the girl didn't vanish and merely waited eagerly for my return.


I wandered throughout the maze until I found a strange object that looked like a piece of some kind of elaborate puzzle. I decided that the yellow-eyed girl might want it so I returned back to her.

"Ooh! That's something you shouldn't have seen! I'll take it and give you the orb in exchange. See you later!" The girl vanished and left me to ponder what she said.

I looked over to the purple door in the room and placed the sparkling purple orb into the spherical hole. The orb and door both glowed and I could now go down the last corridor.


The Last Step

I made it down the hallway and into a large open room. The room was dark and empty all except for strange patterns on the floor. The floor started glowing and I was knocked back by a strange being.

"Well, well! Looks like you've made it. We mustn't allow you to leave. Unless you can defeat us." The giant, spider-like, amorphous creature's voice boomed and it sounded like all of the girls in the strange labyrinth were talking at once.

I struggled to get up but when I did, I noticed something glowing in my hand - a small dagger. I thought it strange because I never remembered having a dagger when I woke up.

The beast lunged at me with one quick blow and I took the final step. I plunged the dagger into the beast's giant eye and it winced in pain.

"You have it?" The being asked in a echoing voice, "You are worthy of leaving the Otherworld afterall."

The creature disappeared and a portal was revealed on the ground where the being once stood. I took one last step and I was transported to a place beyond.


Awake and Alive

I woke up outside a strange mansion. The weather was rainy and I had a feeling that I wasn't done with the 'Otherworld' just yet. I decided to walk into the mansion and there I saw a strange demon creature with an exposed rib cage.

"Well, well, well." The creature announced, "You have passed the test."

I just stared at the ugly thing in contempt.

"Oh, right! I took away your voice. I'll hold onto it for now." The demon said as it held up a bottle that glowed a bright pink.

I ran towards the demon and it vanished in a poof of smoke.

"The game is over for now." The creepy voice of the demon echoed throughout the mansion followed by it's sinister laugh.


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