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Rhys has to readjust to being single, but is struggling to fill the void.
The Final Moments

Rhys and Steph were sitting on the couch watching a movie. Rhys was working his way through a 24 pack of walkers variety crisps, while chugging a few beers. He was a former American Footballer, standing at 5'11 and 14st of fat and muscle. Before he had a major injury knocking him out of the game permanently, he was only 12st lean machine. However in time he changed his workout, focusing more on lifting weights and less cardio, due to the fact the injury was to the knee. In the season that had passed since the injury he had bulked up to the now 14st with a large muscular chest and biceps to match. While he was munching down his snacks his girlfriend of 1 year, Steph was deciding how to brake the news it was over. The couple had recently moved in together and she had become to feel abit crowded. She looked up at him and Rhys knew what was coming. Out of her mouth poured all the usuals...
"Its not you its me"
"I feel we have gone as far as we can"
"We had fun together"
and finally
"Goodbye Rhys"

Rhys accepted all that was said, hurt but accepting. He swiged down the last of his beer, and grabbed the packet of crips. He went up stairs grabbed his things, and left. He walked to the station thinking of what he was to do next. He refused to go back to his mothers and he wasn't speaking to his dad. Then it hit him. His friends Scott and Patric had recently got a flat. he was sure he could crash there. Three 18 year old single lads, tearing up the town, pulling all the girls and having all the fun. Perfect he felt. He jumped on the train and settled into the hour long train trip back to Inverness. He was texting back and forth with Scott and Patric, making arrangements and sorting things out, all the while munching through his crisps, when he left his former home he had 18 in the bag, by the time he got off the train he had purchased 4 more pacs from the trolly. He got off the train, still feeling hungry but he couldn't understand why. All he had done all day was eat, he intact felt bad for doing so, and yet he still wasn't full. He got outside the station waiting for Scott to arrive, lighting a cigarette and beginning to enjoy his smoke. Just thinking about all the joys of being single once more. No more needing to drink less, no more watching what he ate, no more keeping the house and himself so clean. He couldn't wait. Stubbing out his fag, he got in Scotts car, suggesting they go for takeout before heading back to the flat. Pulling in at the Burger King drive thru, Scott simply ordered the regular Whooper Meal, Rhys decided he needed 2 large Double Bacon Cheese XL'S, super fries, chicken nuggets, and a milkshake. Devouring his meal along with half of Scotts on the 20min trip back to the flat.

Stepping into the flat with his bloated gut sticking forward, Rhys felt happier than he had in a long time. Living in a place where he could do what he wanted, when he wanted, with his best mates. The three made quite the site, while Rhys was well built and normal hight. Patric was much smaller at 5'8 and 10st, and Scott towered over them at 6'1 while only 12st. The three men hugged before sitting down on the couch, grabbing a cheap beer, eating some crisps and sticking there hands down the trousers. Oh yes, Rhys was home.

Ladies Man

It had been three months since Rhys had been made single once more, and he was loving it. Getting to live with his two mates had made him happier than he had been in months. Having his own room, filled with his game consoles, food and drink, was marvellous to him. Along with not needing to clean the flat, use proper plates or listen to anyone else and that was just in the flat. he and the boys had gotten use to going out 4 nights a week, pulling anything with a pulse that would have em. He was loving it. And you could see it. Stepping out of bed naked, the former football player had added even more to his bulked frame. Since moving back to Inverness he had failed to find a gym he could use. Put all the fast food, drinking and a new job as a manager of McDonalds, he was quite a new him. His chin had doubled, his beard now grown long and scraggly. His chest had become droopy and belly was permalloy in the beer gut position, and beginning to drop. His ass was wider, but his legs and arms were still the same size, just fat and not muscle. He wandered over to the pile of clothes on the floor. Hoisted up his 34inch jeans onto his 36inch waist, pulling the material closer and closer until he somehow managed to get the button to latch onto the hole.
“Phew, that dam machine keeps shrinking my clothes” he muttered while swigging the left over monster from a can.
Reaching back into the pile he grabbed a large top. Thanks to his wide shoulders from weight lifting it fit him pretty well, it just showed the bottom on a protruding belly, along with the outline of his tits. He tiptoed towards the door of his room, avoiding beer cans, takeout boxes and empty packets of food. The hallway wasent much better littered with bottles and clothing, but he eventually made it to the bathroom. Taking a crap, then brushing his teeth (which had been stained yellow from the cheap larger and 20 a day habit) he saw him self in the mirror. Gone was the chilled face. In its place was a round blob. With long unkept hair on both the top and bottom. He looked deeply at his own reflection. Only to then crack a smile and go...
“I’m still getting fucked, so who cares, I’m still as in good shape as I ever was”

He wandered into the lounge. Seeing Patrick sitting on the couch surrounded by more beer and snacks. See in Rhys aim to enjoy single life, he had also dragged his friends into it. Dragging them out to pubs every night. Getting take outs at 3am, followed buy gummy worms on toast with a can of fosters for breakfast at 9. This had not only affected Rhys but his flat mates to. Patric has easily but on 2st. No longer wearing anything that needed buttoned, and unless he had to nothing at all. His facial hair long and greasy, containing what was left of the previous meal in it for snacks. His torso much like Rhys, the big beer gut that had the moobs sitting on top. In this instance Patrick has his morning Stella sitting on top his gut.
“Mornin, you want one?” Patric asks as he reaches down and picks up another beer.
“Can’t. Got to be at work in 20” Rhys replies.
Patric simply shrugs before opening the new beer and starting to drink it.
Rhys then wanders into the kitchen grabbing his wallet and keys. Looking across the kitchen counter he finally sees Scott rummaging through the coboards trying to find something for breakfast. Scott was much wider now. With a body similar to Rhys however he had kept his personal hygiene much higher thanks to his girlfriend. Scott was single before Rhys came but after gaining up to 15st the ladies found his added weight as a benefit. Scott turned around with a Twinkie in his mouth. The boys had a short conversation, ending with the boys getting into Scott’s 1999 Renault Clio. The two boys large frame caused the small french hatchback to sag under there weight. Scott had in fact commented that the car was becomeing harder to start from standing.

Throughout the day rhys did his normal job. Dealing with reorders, shitty employes and difficult customers. All while sneaking out a few fries, or chicken nuggets or a milkshake while he was in the kitchen. While stuffing his face he looked at the young lads behind the till. They were athletic and clean. More than could be said for rhys. He went back to his office and looked through his old fb pics. Showing him thin, muscle and with Steph. He took a deep breath pulled out the set of scales in his bottom draw and weighted.
17st 3lbs. The numbers that flashed before him. He gave of the faces of not caring but he did.


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