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Rated: 13+ · Fiction · Thriller/Suspense · #2160146
Jealousy, Rage, the beast within man.
Chapter 1

He was about to hand her the phone when suddenly it rang. The panic in her eyes confirmed what he had all along feared.
Anita made a grab for the phone which he effortlessly thwarted. After all, he was 5 feet 8 inches tall with a build to match.
"Give me the phone!!!" Shouted Anita, but Jack ignored her. He grabbed hold of her hand and twisted it behind her back.
"Let go of my arm" screamed Anita.
"You are going to break it" Anita begged.
"Shut your mouth or I will break it" growled Jack as he twisted her delicate wrist to breaking point.
Anita moaned but quickly acquiesced to his command.
"You are going to answer the phone; and no word games, or you will never use your arm again. "Understood?" as he gave her wrist another upper hard twist.
Veins of pain etched their way on her face as she quickly nodded in acquiescence.
Jack quickly put the phone on speaker mode and put it to her ear.
"Hello sweet heart, I have missed you" a woman's voice crooned from the other side.
"I am okay" whispered Anita.
"Are you alone?" the woman asked concerned.
Jack had only to twitch the wrist a little and Anita answered quickly.
"Yeah baby, I am okay, I am alone, what's up?
There was a pause on the other side and Jack knew it was over, Anita had betrayed him.
The phone clicked off and Jack broke her arm.

Chapter 2
Anita screamed like she had never screamed. He punched her lights out. He didn't care the damage he inflicted, by then he was mad.
Panting he looked at what he had done. He smiled, at least she could not bother him as he tried to sort out the mess he had created.
"You bitch, I told you not to mess with me".
Anita moaned as she lay on the carpet.
Jack walked quickly to the kitchen and picked up the garbage disposal bag and a knife. He had a vague idea of what he wanted to do with her but first he had to find out the identity of the caller.

Chapter 3
Sandra knew the game was over. Jack must have found out. How did he find out? She asked herself as she put the phone down on the dressing table. It had gotten out of hand.
Sandra knew Jack was a dangerous man, short tempered and a brute with the strength to match. She had never understood how Anita had ended up with such a man in her life. She supposed it must have been the hint of danger that must have attracted her to him.
Shakily she stood up from her bed and walked to the bedside mirror and wondered what to do. She knew she was no match for Jacks strength but she had friends, powerful enough to put a stop to it.
She combed her long silver hair as she contemplated her dilemma. If she asked for help at this stage she would have to divulge the cause of her problems putting her at a disadvantage. She had hoped this would end soon before it was discovered.
The phone rang. She jumped up in fright. She knew it was Jack. She picked the phone and looked at the number. Yes, it was Anita's number. She knew Jack was at the other end. She was no fool; she was not going to pick the call.
Quickly she moved to the wardrobe and picked her travelling bag. Carefully she packed the bare necessities she needed for a quick escape. She slid into a pair of jeans, put on a T-shirt and a jacket. She called a cab and waited apprehensively occasionally glancing through the window.
This was not good; and she was afraid. Various thoughts played through her mind, as she visualized what may have happened.

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