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Monthly Minutes of Radio Control Flying Club
Those Attending: Don, Roger, Bob B, Ron Don R, Larry and Ruben.

Treasurer's Report:

Opening... $3564.93
Ending... $3656.63

Secretary's report: The Secretary read the minutes of the last meeting.

The two reports were accepted.

Old Business:

Planning was completed for the Brat Fry fundraiser at Ace Hardware on Saturday, Memorial Day Weekend. Set up begins around 0700 and continues to about 1700. Roger had a list from last year of what the members brought and everybody agreed to provide the same support this year. Allen is on board to cook the Brats.

Roger: I have the list for last year.... will make this years the same. We will pretty much do what we've done in the past. Bring your own tables and chairs. I'll send everybody an email. Last year it went pretty good.

Don: I will make up flyers and get the word out to our recurring visitors.

Ralph: I will get a package of aluminum foil sheets for wrapping the brots.

Don: This will be a fun fly... an open fly, laid back and designed to have a good time. I was at the field and one of our picnic tables could use a new top.

Ralph: We need wheels on some of the portable tables as some don't turn very well.

New Business:

Don: Before the fun fly we will do our field Spring Maintenance. We did a cutting and fertilizing and with the rain we need to stay on top of things so the grass doesn't get away on us. Bob O will be posting a schedule. Plan to come out Friday for the maintenance. It is getting warmer and in the Spring things really take off.

Roger: I'm in contact with the Hansons. They say they will be working on the road and will be charging us our share. An estimate will be provided.

Don: Fine, however, for now lets just take one thing at a time. We'll deal with the road as that develops.

A motion was made to adjourn and the meeting ended at 1923hrs.

Robert P. Barclay
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