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Stripping purple, a rare diamond crystal, worth less than a nickel.
Stripping purple
A rare diamond crystal
Worth less than a nickel
Girl + boy = lovers
Why can't this be you?

Brush away blue
It's a flyers home
Birds in the sky
They try to shoot us down
Ashes, ashes, thickly layer the ground
Heaven or hell?
You can't pick both.
Left or right?
Girl or boy?
Make up your mind.

Get that green dye out of your hair
Your blonde
You've always been blonde
Don't tell me different.
Don't look upon glass and say your reflection isn't yours.
Your born one way
You die the same.
Why don't you know who you are?

The sun is yellow
The sun is bright...too bright.
Turn off your light.
Each and every one of you.

Orange is unatural.
Spirits and jack o lanterns
You freak...you sinner.
You can't love someone who isn't a boy or a girl.
Your sexuality isn't real.

Every one is red.
It's the biggest strip of color of the rainbow.

Majority beats minority.

We'd apreciate it if your way of thinking doesn't exist now,
Your's sincerely,

A hundred tears
Three thousand fears
Hatered embroided from shouts of laugher and tease
From the days and mounths and years you spent in the mirror painting red over your true colors.


Don't darken the rainbow.
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