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Each decision we make has a consequence.
I can not count the times I have wanted something so badly that I knew I should not take. It matters not whether it was an object or a person's interest. I heard the rationalizations in my mind. No one will notice, you want it you need it, just take it. Sometimes it was easy to walk away and do the right thing. Other times I was angry with myself later.

Greed and selfishness walk hand in hand with one another. Temptation normally shows up about then and threatens to silence our one true friend when he speaks out. These three beat on conscience until he becomes a whisper that is drowned out by their voices and desire. It's a struggle of epic proportions that rages within us and yet most never notice.

The weakening begins when we consider risk verse reward. Many people consider this when making a decision. The reward is typically the object of desire but most never consider the risk.

Getting caught is the risk that most people care about. Yet there is another consequence that few take time to ponder. Every decision you make is a defining moment. Your reputation walks a narrow ledge and is dependent on your choice.

As our conscience succumbs it becomes weaker for the next fight. It lies battered and broken until we consider nothing but the reward. Actions are now justified within and easily predictable.

It is here that habit has now become your reputation. Congratulations are due either way as you have earned the position you find yourself in.

Reputation to me is a powerful word. It means I can predict my actions in any scenario before it happens. It is knowing myself and seeing right from wrong as an event is unfolding.

Reputation is universal. Once known, others will be able to make an intelligent decision as to how you will behave as well. They will consider your reputation prior to interacting with you, whether they are conscious of it or not. Some will draw nearer and others avoid and mostly it is based on your reputation.

You are known by the company you keep. Individuals tend to surround themselves with people of like reputations. There are exceptions, some people will try to change another person's reputation. Our hearts typically see what they want to see.

Think about yourself for a moment. What is your reputation and do you want to change or maintain it? Fortunately both are easy to accomplish. It starts with the consistency of actions.

The right decision can strengthen and reinforce your conscience. It is exercise for the soul. Each interaction brings it to the forefront and allows it to push back the three. We begin to focus more on and listen for our conscience. As it strengthens it becomes louder and more eager to jump into the fray.

Making the right decisions becomes easier and quicker. It becomes habitual, and more predetermined. Your habits has once again become your reputation.

Guard it well...

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