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Inspired by Schoenberg’s Verklärte Nacht
Four bells toll under the veil of the night,
The crows betrayed by the moon,
With nowhere to feed, nowhere to land,
For eternity they fly.

Each one splits into two,
Further diminishing their hope.

The wolves howl at the dense murder,
Each only managing a weak bark,
Before the sky swoops them up too.

The cracked crescent moon,
Claws through the thick clouds,
Leaking slimy curdled blood,
Through his sinister grin.

Deafening waves of laughter,
Fill the midnight sky,
Bursting the eardrums
Of the local spirits.

A boy and a girl walk through the night,
Into the deep endless forest,
Love-making interrupted,
By the razor wind.

Their skin cut into shreds.
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