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A poem about drug abuse
Her name was Mary.
Mary Jane.
It all began with our first date
during my first year of high school.
She was so popular, nice, charming.
So perfect.
And she introduced me to her friends.

Life was great.

School was finally over,
and days felt like weeks.
The cold turned to warmth
in the blink of an eye.

I was in pure bliss.
Felicity filled every crevice of my being.

The sky was perpetually beautiful,
And the air smelled of crisp,
Freshly Cut

Then someone came
and tried to destroy everything.

She was an old acquaintance of Mary’s.
Apparently they went way back,
She said her name was Ramona
But it didn’t matter.
No one can love me like Mary,
No one cares about me.

But she wouldn’t leave.
Over and over and over
She came back and back.

Then she murdered Mary.

The sky turned gray,
And the air became filled
with skunk and rubber.
Why were my arms so bruised?
I had to get away.

Weeks passed,
She was still with me.
The sky finally cleared back up.

Then Mary got her sweet revenge.

Everything was so white,
The air smelled of soap.
The sound of beeps resonated through the room,
Then it stopped.

Why was Ramona on the bed?
Why wasn’t I on the bed?
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