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A poem about losing a loved one.
The sky turns grey before the eye goes blind,
rust plagues the pipes, yet the water still drips.
Birds fall like the autumn leaves,
Void of wind to carry them away.

The great bell cries out its final tolls,
As the mice are crushed under its gears.

The water is dyed by the decaying fish.
Covered with dull bones and scales.

Oh my beloved,
What has happened to you?

Starved cows scream to the dry, crusty earth,
While the earthworms and maggots crawl out,
Begging for death to come take them.

How could they cut our time so short?
The memories of us are dissolving.

The forest fires can no longer continue,
The earthquakes shake pointlessly,
A solid barren ball of nothingness.
The tsunamis are stopped by all the corpses.

No miracle can return you to me,
Good and evil are one and the same,
If they are both unable to find you.
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