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An erotic narrative of watching
I stood in the doorway, looking at Dexter sitting on the couch. I was nervous and very excited, having never seen a guy play with himself before....actually never having seen a guy cum before. Dexter appeared to be a bit nervous as well, though outwardly looked more relaxed than me.

"So, this is a no touch deal, right", I asked, "You do all the work"?

"Yep, that's the fantasy".

He stood up slowly, kind of half heartedly waved his hand at the empty chair across from him and said, "Why not sit down, relax, let's have some fun"?

I stepped over to the chair, trying to maintain eye contact (he was using his eyes.....looking straight into mine) and sat down on the edge of the chair, not quite relaxing yet. I kept subconsciously looking down at his belt, gauging his package, but then quickly lifting my eyes to his face (Did he see me look down...?)
My heart was pounding, palms damp, and my body flushed with beginnings of arousal. I was a little surprised....I didn't expect my body to react like this.

Dexter had on a snug fitting long sleeve t-shirt tucked into a faded, but still nice, pair of very well fitting Levis. He looked good.......sexy, as he fingered the buckle to his belt and undid that, pulling it out of the way. He kept his eyes glued to mine, making sure I was still in the game. I was still having trouble maintaining eye contact, I wanted to see him now.
What was he wearing? Boxers? Briefs? Tight? Loose? Was he hard already? Fuck.....my heart was pounding.
He unbuttoned the top button and began to pull down his zipper, holding his pants open as the zipper came down. Red.....smooth, aaaah, they looked tight and I could just start to make out the lump his dick was making in them as his zipper slid past. He was already hard, and God that made it so sexy. He spread the jeans open and began to shimmy out of them, as his dick was straining at his red boxer briefs.....that almost looked uncomfortable, but he made no attempt to adjust himself. Instead he kind of subtly pushed his hips out.....showing me how turned on he was.

I licked my lips.....

His eyes still locked on mine, as he reached into the waistband with his thumbs to pull the elastic away from himself, so it would clear his erection, and began to pull them down. As they lowered and his dick came into view, it was pointed almost straight up, probably about 6" long and just about big enough to wrap my hands around (or so I imagined), and looked almost painfully hard. He had to bend over to pull off his jeans and underwear, so we lost eye contact for a moment and I was able to recover some of my composure.....until he stood back up and instead of grabbing his dick with a fist, like I thought he would, simply ran his middle finger up the underside of it, making it jump with the anticipation of a more insistent friction....

I was absolutely captivated. Drawn to his eyes, yet I could not find the strength to make myself look up.....I was taking in every detail of his dick. The way the ridge of his head curled around the crown, and the small drop of moisture on the tip of his slit. To the veins and ridges down his shaft, all speaking directly to my sex. I was imagining how it would feel in my hands, in my pussy. I could almost feel it as it spread me open for the first time, yet I felt so empty.....I was so wet.

"Should I stay standing up, or sit down", He asked?

"Either is fine", I stammered, I couldn't think straight.

"I don't think this is going to take long", as he again ran his middle finger up the underside and his dick jumped again.

This time, his finger lingered and traced a small circle just under the tip. He groaned....teasing himself.
I looked up to his eyes for just a second and saw that erotic look of animalistic sexual need was all over his face. His eyes were pleading with me not to make him stop. His face was steel, his mouth open and breathing heavy.

"Show me your tits"

I paused..... "That's not part of the deal"

He groaned. I could tell that would help him get where he needed to go.

His left hand came down, and he cupped his balls with it. His right still using his middle finger just circling that spot under the ridge at the tip of his dick. He was leaking pretty good at this point, with a few drops of clear fluid dribbling down onto the tip of his finger.

"Please", He managed to croak out.

I laughed....not in a cruel way, but more a nervous giggle.
His hips were pushed towards me, exposing himself to me.
I nodded my head and reached for the hem of my t-shirt. (What bra am I wearing?) My plan was to simply pull my shirt up and bra at the same time, not taking it off. I was just going to "flash" him. I felt powerful that I controlled how he felt at this moment. That he needed me to help him finish. I didn't see that coming.

My hands lifted my shirt and grabbed my bra on the way past as I pulled them both up over and showed him my tits. My face was flushed with arousal and embarrassment, not sure which was the more apparent.
He immediately dropped his eyes from mine to my chest and wrapped his right hand completely around his dick, sliding it up and down, but still focused his finger tip in that one spot. He groaned loudly, that groan from way down in your throat.
The head of his dick looked like it was going to explode, it was purple and swollen, almost angry, as he let out one gasp, stopped stroking for just a second, and I saw his cum for the very first time spurt out onto the floor, once, twice, three times........down to a trickle. He was till stroking, though his eyes were now closed. His hips rocked back and forth as if they were fucking the air in front of him.
He let out a sigh and fell back onto the chair as I pulled my shirt back down over myself, and a very strange awkwardness fell over us.

"Thank you"?
I'm not sure what to say..."You're welcome"?
Just as the upstairs door opened and footsteps into the house........

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