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Rated: 18+ · Short Story · Adult · #2160380
A lover gets a brief escape from work.
It started out as a normal morning for kathleen. She had finished the morning huddle with her employees and returned to her desk. She was busying herself over productivity reports when her phone signaled a new text. She casually opened the screen and looked down "Dirty girl..."

Her face flushed as she got up and closed her office door. Another text a few moments later, "take your panties off." She didn't have to check, she could feel herself already responding to him. Kathleen sat back down, lifted her skirt and peeled the black panties off. Opening a drawer she slipped them into her purse.

She knew the routine, she welcomed it. She spread her legs and slipped two fingers inside spreading her pussy. She lifted her phone and clicked a photo for him. She looked at it proudly. She loved how sexy she felt after a fresh wax. He would enjoy the picture she thought as she sent it to him.

"Put your toy in and come home now." Kathleen pulled the jeweled plug from her purse. She slipped it into her pussy for a moment coating it with her natural lubricant and then pushed it into her ass.

It was cold and she sighed for a moment feeling the weight and fullness. Smiling she sent a quick mail to her assistant advising she would be leaving for the day.

Her mind raced, how could he do this to her. She was so wet for him, she was always wet whenever he texted her. Her mind was on overload. "Squeeze..." She squeezed feeling the tingling in her pussy as her ass gripped the metal hard. It wasn't cold anymore.

She rushed from the building and slipped into her car. Her heart was racing. She wondered if he would fuck her in the foyer, would she make it to the bed room or would it be the couch this time. She didn't care, she had given herself to him and gave up caring long ago.

She could smell her desire in the car. Her pussy ached, she knew it was sopping. It seemed to take forever, what was in reality a ten minute drive. She wanted to fuck, needed it, ached for it.

Her key turned the lock and she pushed open the door. He was there waiting. He closed the door behind her and she could hear the click as the lock was engaged once more. Turning he took her arm and led her into the bed room.

His hands moved silently and she felt her blouse unbuttoned, her skirt swiftly followed it to the floor. Leaning in his mouth found hers as his hand moved to cup her sex. His eyes locked on hers and she felt flushed. He nodded at her bra. She slipped it off allowing her breasts to spill out.

He reached for a pillow behind him and dropped it in the middle of the bed. She climbed onto the mattress and lowered her ass to it. "Masturbate for me." She lowered her fingers to her clit and began to rub. Her eyes never left him as she watched him shrug off his jeans. Her ass pulsed from the plug and she greedily pushed two fingers into her slit.

He leaned closer and rubbed the thick head of his cock over her lips. She pursed her lips in lust. "I am not in a giving mood today slut." She heard him laugh as he rolled it over her face.

She felt him further harden and she returned her attention to her clit. Her pussy was on fire. She was starting to use both hands to rub when he climbed next to her on the bed.

Her eyes locked on him as he looked down. "Open that dirty mouth." She lustily licked her lips, then opened for him. He lifted one leg and straddled her face. He looked down on her, she couldn't move as he pinned her with his weight.

A moan escaped her mouth as she felt his girth laid across her lips. He pushed in slowly filling her mouth. Her hips were lifting as she squeezed her plug. He could hear her breathing deepen. Gripping her face he held her steady as he pushed deeper.

She couldn't move as his rhythmic strokes fucked her face. Her eyes were on him, she could see his chest, feel the weight of him on her. His hands were locked in tight holding her mouth to him. She felt herself nearing climax. Her eyes pleaded with him begging for release. "Cum now!"

Her eyes rolled back she could feel him in her throat. Her screams muffled by his cock. Her body pulsed and writhed as her climax took her. Shuddering from the last spasms she felt him withdraw from her. He wiped himself on her cheek and tugged her onto all fours.

She was panting still from the exertion. Her ass squeezed hungrily at the plug. Her cunt was a dripping mess. She felt him squeeze it and then harshly slap it with his fingers. She moaned hoarsely and pushed back towards him. He slowly pushed three fingers into her eliciting a deeper moan. He withdrew them slowly then lifted them to his lips for a slight taste.

He stepped away from her and pulled his black flogger from a hook on the wall. She knew it was his short flogger and knew the angled falls would sting her most tender parts. She pushed up on all fours a little straighter and raised her ass wanting more.

She sucked in her breath as the first hit laced across her cheek. She felt the bite the heat and the rush. The hits fell harshly over her. Her cheeks, back and then underhand strokes to her lips. She grunted and moaned like a whore in the sheets.

Each time she thought she could take no more he would stop and rub her. She would feel the cool air from his lips on her sex and his fingers would trace her thighs.

This went on for what seemed an eternity. His hands played her, the flogger maintaining a beat of its own. He led her through peaks and then leveled her off after she cried out. She was dripping with lust, her skin was on fire and she cared for nothing.

Each time she would push back she was rewarded with a crushing strike from the leather. She felt the bite and searing heat. He stopped and pressed his hardness against her slowly rolling it over her heated skin. Her body betrayed her once more and she pushed back. She felt the flogger kiss her face and drape over her shoulder and then his hands were on her hips.

He pressed in fully as she cried out for him. He pulled her back hard as she pressed towards him. He was buried to the hilt, his mouth bit down on her back. He held her motionless his cock slamming her fully.

Her moans became a scream as she felt him start to piston inside her. His voice was guttural as he groaned. He slammed in hard one final time and she felt him pulse and spasm inside her. She fell forward with him on top of her.

He made no attempt to withdraw or roll off her. Her face was pushed into the mattress and she could feel his weight on her. He reached down underneath himself and tapped the plug that was still inside her. Then murmured quietly "I love you dirty girl."

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