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Written for Khiarah Williams, June 8, 2018, on her graduation from high school
Good morning Khiarah Williams. I know that today is YOUR BIG FREEDOM DAY from high school. Cherish it. Enjoy it. Revel in it. Share it. Look closely at each of your friends that are sharing this moment with you. Relish their smiles, their faces, and their accomplishments. THIS MOMENT is MAGIC! It will never happen like this again.

Believe it or not, there are bigger and better fish to fry, but there will never ever be a moment better than this one, the day you graduated from high school. It is that moment that for an instant defines you as having made it -- achieved a very major goal in your lifetime. Celebrate it.

My darling granddaughter, you are still on that journey that we talked about, the journey to your success, however, you choose to define it. Your graduation is one of the first major hurdles, and you did it with style, and a full scholarship to the college of your choice.

Take a moment to be excited about this day, but do not for once think that you have arrived. You have only begun your journey into life with many more goals to set, achieve, and enjoy. Keep on setting and re-setting those goals. Never never settle and for goodness sake do not split the difference. YOU CAN HAVE IT ALL. Just keep your eye on the prize, work hard, never doubt yourself, do not listen to the nay-sayer, and keep God first in all that you do. The world is your oyster to crack and eat or make the best black pearl that has ever been plucked from between its shells.

Go for it, and remember like the children and grandchildren before you, I have got your BACK!

Much love always, your grandmother, Malinda Miles
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