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Chapter 1: Reincarnation

“Why does my head feel so bad . Feels like vomiting !” were the few words that came out of Zan Lin’s mouth.

The handsome girlish young man’s face of near fourteen years of age started to move slightly. Opening his mouth wide and taking in large gulps of air mixed with dirt as if he was suddenly cut off from oxygen for a long period of time . The unconscious body started to show signs of consciousness. His present condition was far from what a young man’s health should be. His pure white skin clearly showing signs of blood loss. His face pale and showed signs of pain painted on his face. Bathed in blood from head to toe, the youth slowly tried to open his eyes. His eyes slowly started showing signs of life from the present lifeless body. Feeling cold, he slowly moved his fingers. Curling it up in a fist, he started to try to get up but clearly he couldn’t due to exhaustion, fatigue and pain. Totally thirsty, it was miracle if any other person other than him would be found alive.

Twitching for a bit and trying to move his muscles, he soon discovered that the environment is quite altered than what he was used to see. Pondering for a moment, he suddenly jolted as he remembered about what actually happened to him. He remembered about how he died.

In his previous life, he actually offended a big party or rather a rich one that caused him to die in a car crash while making it look like an accident of drunk driving. Thinking about how his parents would feel, he started to regret trying to be a big mouth. He clearly remembered how he tried to be a man and steal another man’s girl and the ultimate result was even far worse than he could have ever imagined, direct death, not even giving him any opportunity to apologize.

While pondering about it, he started to visualize his surroundings clearly and properly. Seeing left and right, the only thing that he found is huge, big jungle trees with huge canopy at the top. The trunks were quite thick and large, clearly a new specimen if found in his previous planet. The sky was rather dark with a beautiful stream of stars, clearly a huge difference from his previous world where the sky was always covered in smokes. It was a clear eerie night.

Looking at the ground , he found a pool of blood or rather the blood from his body flowing out on the ground showing no signs of stopping and just gushing out from his body. His skin was not even trying to coagulate and form a coating to cover his cuts. His clothes were all torn apart except were the few that barely covered his vital parts. Even half of his dark black hairs were torn apart. No wonder the previous owner of the body died!!

Looking at his body, or rather the body of the previous owner, he found several wounds dug so deep that even the blood red muscles and veins could be seen. The clear knife cuts like a hot knife cutting through butter were visible. There were even certain convolutions, where the skin and muscles have cleaved up. Even a twenty first century doctor would show signs of running away from operating such a patient. Such brutality! May god show mercy on the soul of the poor devil.

The intense pain slowly came to his realization and he started writhing in pain twitching voluntarily and rapidly on the ground moving like rolling ball to his left and right as if trying to dissipate the pain through this act. Curling up like a ball while tears started drop from his eyes. He felt that the car accident from his previous life were beautiful and smooth when compared to his current death. As if crying for death, his pendulum movement became vigorous. This was his second chance. If he can’t survive this, then there is no third chance. Silently enduring the pain, he started to clear his mind first. This endurance of the pain continued for at least one hour before showing signs of stopping temporarily.

“Wonder what he did because of which he was beaten so brutally, like a sand bag. Not even showing a tiny shed of mercy.”

“Even the devil might show mercy on this body and cure it of its own free will!!”

As he sighed, he continued, “So the heavens are not so cruel to me at least. Giving me another chance to prove myself. Even if it is in this half meatball usable person’s body. Why shall I not take it? Heavens, it is now my turn to reach it.”

“Every life comes with opportunities. Let’s see what this realm has to offer me. Now that I am living and alive I shall not waste my second chance. I shall prove my worth in this realm.”

He started to steel his mind for his upcoming challenges. After the pain resided and he felt that at least he can move, he sat up. He started to feel his different body parts. At least all parts were attached to his body, although half mangled, it was still better. All his body parts including his “third leg” between the two legs were still there, even if the couldn’t feel any reaction due to the intense pain. He felt a sense of relief because of it because it is and will always be a symbol of man’s pride.

If any person were to look at him from afar, then even if that person was a beggar, he would show some pity and offer him something to eat. His eyes had dark circles, and his whole body was trembling violently even while trying to sit still, clearly showing the signs of extreme blood loss. Even his movements were slower than a turtle trying to save as much energy as much as possible.

To be frank, he felt some sort of energy dwelling up in his body, trying to repair his body in whatever way it could. Although his body was in a totally bad condition, I mean, even his abdomen and stomach could be seen. At least now his body was in a slight better state than his previous condition. It was due to this that he suddenly remembered the world of cultivation that he read in novels in his previous world. It was exactly due to this that he steeled his nerves to reach the heavens and look for immortality. He was quite familiar of this type of world where you either kill or be killed.

Slowly pondering in the previous owner’s mind, he started to study about this realm, about whatever information he could gather to survive in this realm.

The writhing pain slowly started to show signs of stopping, giving him quite a temporary peace of mind to access the previous owner’s mind. Taking in huge deep breaths as if trying to dissipate the pain through the air breaths, he slowly closed his eyes.

He slowly started accessing his mind and learnt that the previous owner of the body was a scholar. This actually benefited him since he was actually a newcomer in this realm and thus wanted to learn about this realm. Taking his time slowly, he started an in depth search about this realm from the scholar’s knowledge.
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