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Path to the new cultivation world
Chapter 2: Introduction to Realms

While traversing through the memories of the previous owner's body, he found that the name of the current body is Zong Weng. His parents are still alive and are the duke of the entire mortal realm. His other family members include his elder sister and a younger sister. Looking into his personal details he found that he was still a virgin. He had a fiancor rather an arranged marriage sort of decided by the grandparents of both their families, named Ling Tao.

Zan learnt that being a scholar was quite normal and a common profession. He found out that Zong Weng can no longer cultivate and it is precisely because of this reason that his fianctried to kill him off once. He had a narrow shave at that time and even though he learnt about the mastermind of the assassin he did not pursue the matter. Maybe because he loved her, a one-sided love. Either way it no longer mattered to him now, because he is dead.

Through the memories, he learnt that his fiancloved another man or rather the prince of the mortal realm. Zong offended the prince by saying that he was and will be the fiancof Ling Tio which greatly angered the prince and thus he ordered his disloyalty and assassin secretly to his trusted friends and guards. They kidnapped him and left him dead in this godforsaken beast jungle. A full proof plan so that even if he was not killed, he would be devoured by the beasts in this jungle.

Zan even learnt that both his parents placed great importance to him. They both really cared for him. As thus they were the first ones who helped him get out of this mess. Still he was caught in their traps.

"So what if your fiancis a beauty, I would prefer my life to your fianc If I ever get a chance to get revenge for what they have done to you, I will do so without hesitation. However please forgive me, for I do not marry those who will stab a knife at your back. I am sorry.", with that he bowed in the air to show his gratitude for the body and forgiveness for not fulfilling his one-sided love.

Now that he knew about his present condition, he now wondered about this "Mortal Realm" and this beast jungle. Traversing deep into the memories, Zan slowly started to unravel the mysteries of this realm. Due to the high class information provided by the school that his parents enrolled him, he had survived countless life and death situations where only his brains had led his path to survival. However he furrowed slightly when Zan learnt that this Zong is quite cold to the others, even to his family members.

Regarding the information about this "Realm", Zong learnt that there are twelve such realms namely - Death Realm, Light Realm, Heaven Realm, Hell Realm, Saint Realm, Darkness Realm, Life Realm, Demonic Realm, Mortal Realm, Evil Realm, Time Realm and Sword Realm. These realms are also the attributes that each individual is born with. For example, people born in Light Realm are born with light attribute. However there are two exceptions.

Firstly, people born in Mortal Realm can be born with any attribute. This is because Mortal Realm is the connecting point of all the Realms. People transverse through different Realm by using the huge teleportation arrays present throughout the communication system in the Mortal Realm. This Mortal Realm is the junction point of all the Realms and also the weakest amongst all in terms of cultivation. In every Realm, there are twelve guardians elected to guard their respective Realms and Mortal Realm has the weakest cultivation level guardian.

In this world, there are different techniques for cultivation. People use Realm Energy to fuse it in their bodies to cultivate. There are five levels in each Realm and each level is further sub-divided into seven levels called stars. This cultivation pattern is followed in all the Realms. The prince who tried to assassinate Zong was of level two star four cultivation stage which is quite high considering it at his current age. His future prospects may be already impossible to predict. As for Zong, he was not able to cultivate which is not quite rare at all but even common in this Realm. This is because not many people can actually cultivate Realm Energy. As for his fianc even she could cultivate and was already at the stage of level two star one stage. Zong might seem the odd one out in this group.

Secondly, there is another attribute called the Void Attribute, which is the rarest of all. In the history of all this Realm, there was hardly anyone of this Realm, yet it was searched and found out by a Grand Elder of unknown cultivation level. This attribute seemingly tests the user before it deems fit worthy for its use. As for its properties or any other uses, they are unknown as no one was able to cultivate with this attribute as of yet.

Now, there are different techniques that a use or store weapon in the user's attributes. For the common attributes such as fire or water, these weapons are of utmost importance because for the other attributes, each level comes with new weapons and skills. For example for life attribute level one there will be an inborn skill called rejuvenation that helps in healing any wounds on the user's body. As for the other star levels, they need to store skills and weapons. In fact when an individual is born, they are born with a spatial ring of that attribute that allows a particular person to store skills or weapons for a particular star level. As such people need to consolidate weapons and skills.

For weapons, it is a profession called Weapon Mastry that is known for making weapons. As for skills, people need to join different sects to learn new skills.

With such basic information provided through concentration, Zan realized that this world is quite complex. Due to the fact that there are demon beasts and that no person can be born with more than one attribute, it became quite a headache for him to solve the current problem. Added to the intense pain he is feeling throughout his body, even standing wound be a great risk for him as his innards might fall anytime out from his body. His body condition is too critical. He was starting to feel that his second chance might come to a waste.

As he was slowly thinking about what to do, his surroundings began to alter. White mist began to float from inside the jungle slowly drifting towards him. He began to curse repetitively for such a lose, weak vessel. Thinking about it, he began to regret that he might have to leave the world even before he began to explore it.

"Damn, shit I lost my only chance. Might as well accept death as it might ride me of this body of pain and torture."

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