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by K.HBey
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The circus has a unique spectacle that is why the town is fully decided to go there.
That 1st October 2009, the sky is blue and the sun is shining everywhere. It seems that summer is still here. The stadium is crowded there. There are many advertising posters everywhere. They are too attractive. That is why something seems to happen here. The circus is here. An amazing number of people are waiting in the queue for hours in order to buy tickets to enter the circus. What's the matter with this circus in this year? Every year the circus comes and it becomes like every routine. The same spectacles are seen every year. People are living an economic crisis, though everyone wants to be in the circus whatever the ticket price.
I decide to queue up and discuss with people about such special circus.
Many tell me that there is a unique spectacle such year but not revealed to the public yet.

Being there, I remember when I was a child and entered a circus for the first time. Really it was a magical world for me. Horses, lions, fire; elephants seemed a special spectacle and animals there are following the learned movements as if they were intelligent. The jugglers presented a ball play which was too amazing and I have never succeeded to play by myself such ball play when being a child. An amazing spectacle has always caught my eyes; the tour of acrobat play is too dangerous and fantastic. As such multicolored lights caught my eyes too and enhanced the magical quality of such place.
On the tenth day of the circus tour, a child of ten years Mario decides to enter such circus. His mother worries about her son who is not at home on time even though the spectacle has already finished.
The police is searching everywhere and no trace for Mario. The day after the same thing happens to some children. Things become hard and serious. The circus team is submitted to serious investigations.
The police decides to enter the circus but nothing abnormal happens so what's the matter then?

The guardian of animals notices something. The master of the special spectacle has disappeared. The alert is done towards the whole town.

There, children find themselves in a magical world with their dear friend. It is beautiful, nice and amazing. It comes from a new planet and has many virtues. It can travel towards the world in few seconds.

I go to the circus again and try to collect some information. I am too curious to know what has happened exactly to such children.
I go to the guardian and ask him some questions. He thinks I am a journalist but I quickly explain to him that in this town everyone worries about one another and that we are as a great family. I sympathize with him and know a great secret. This is a special animal which has virtues. He does not want to tell more.
The circus and in full autumn becomes suddenly an iced castle. No one can understand this. However the circus team members watch each other and seems to be accustomed to this event.

There, children are the guests of such cute and special animal . They are spending wonderful moments in such world full of kindness, tenderness and far from the adult troubles.
Kevin has just lost his father. He has a great lack of paternal tenderness.
Emerald such blond girl of twelve has a mother too severe with her and always wants her to do more than she can. She is fed up with such harsh competition.
Mario is a too spoiled boy. He is always covered and assisted by his mother .He needs more independence.
""You are my dear guests and here in this world freedom is the master."
""Be wise too and do not precipitate indeed life is harsh." Says the animal.

A woman I have met at the circus tells me about a certain spectacle of such amazing animal which comes from Siberia. She is too excited by such event.

One of the children Clarke, I have met too tells about a certain sudden disappearance of an animal and children in the iced castle spectacle. He reveals then:
I enter the great iced castle full of multicolored lights. Many paths are there. Some drawings are on the walls symbolizing primitive life in igloos.
I meet a beautiful queen when I choose to enter the first path. She tells me "welcome". She leads me to a special place. An Amazing chamber with many doors there with an icy and transparent ground ; someone can see the depth of the sea with fishes, rocks ...Too amazing!
She tells me to choose one door. I choose the first. There I find a marvelous nature and a world of children games especially a great roller coaster. It travels from one island to another .I travel to the first island. When being in the island of water I meet some children. I get fun with them. Many lakes are there surrounding the islands with a magical nature. Ice seems that it has just melted.
There I remember my mother when "she tells me that wonderful moments are short" and" that pleasure is paid by our work." My mother seems to me to be too far and I have forgotten that I am in a circus in my town near home. But where is the circus now? I find myself in a real paradise and really realize that the price of the ticket is too cheap in front of such magical world.

The queen comes again and wants me to choose another path. I choose and then I am in the iced castle and I choose a door and then I am in the circus again. I cannot believe what happens to me then. The queen suddenly has been transformed in a cute animal with its bright blue eyes. As I see suddenly children inside the iced castle and the animal become invisible. A beautiful amazing white animal coming from Siberia is in this circus.

It has a fully white fur. The stripes are quiet unseen. The brightness of its blue eyes catches my eyes. Such big wonderful cat is completely cute but full of wildness. This is the white tiger.

The parents are too worried about their children and they wonder whether they will come back again or not. As they bear remorse about their bad behavior towards their children whom they love strongly after all.

At the iced place of Siberia all white tigers are there. The speech is heavy. The great tiger is telling a speech: “our specie will disappear in few years and we should act vigorously. Human beings and every day are doing harm and destroying both fauna and flora. We should remain as specie and multiply that our number should increase and achieve one million at least in five years. As we meet a great marginalization. Human beings consider us just as beautiful animals and get fun with our fur. We exist and should live.”

“You should return home children and defend our cause”.

The children are worried seriously and starting from today, they put in question seriously the meaning of both the wild and the human worlds.
As they are sad to leave their friend and such paradise but find in this speech a valuable reason to go back home.

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