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by Shaima
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Something I thought about when I was in a debate about "Money is Everything"
It is funny how nowadays we would like to defy anyone who says, "money is everything," when we all know that money is literally everything nowadays. Saying, "money is everything," does not mean loads of money, it just means everything requires money.
Air to breathe costs money. Lets be frank, if you want fresh, clean air, not harmed a lot nor polluted much, you will need money. You will need money to travel to that land, whatever transportation method you are using, you will need money. You need to purchase a ticket, whether you are travelling by an aeroplane, train, car, ship, or even bus.
Not only that, but also water costs us money. If you want a fresh water coming from the river or sealed in a bottle; they both will require you giving them something in return, which is most likely money.
My point is, if the basics of life require money, how about the things we want. Human needs are very limited, but people want everything. Shelter, food, drink, sleep and oxygen all come with a price. You will need a good quality of all the listed things to survive, unless you do not want to survive, you can take it with a low quality.
{I understand that there are people who are facing difficulties with human needs (the physical needs), and I do hope for them a greater future and life.}
I will like to say that despite our counter-attacks, we should all know that reality is what it is and it can be changed, but it is difficult; however, we should not lose hope.
If anyone is going to tell me, that money is not everything, because you can use gold instead, the point is still the same.

Everyone is free to argue back; nevertheless, I am just putting my opinion here.
You can debate, if you want.
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