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Rated: 13+ · Novel · Steampunk · #2160567
Two sister detectives a western steampunk story.
Erica Harrison Clangor: Erica has light brown hair, freckles, and and green eyes. She has been married to Drake Clangor for five years, and is the oldest of two sisters, namely, Sarah Hiss. For most of her carreer, she has controlled sheriffs office, running the facility and keeping track of how many walkers are out chasing vehicles, which criminals are in jail, and if the janitors are keeping up with their duties in the boiler room. Her life changes when she becomes a detective, working to solve a mystery with her sister. While her sister drives the mechanic horse and fights off the criminals, she controls it and makes sure everything is running.

Sarah Harrison Hiss: Sarah has blond hair, freckles, and light brown eyes, and looks a lot like her mother, Alexis Harrison. She has recently married Walter Hiss, a detective in her department. She is one of the top sheriffs in the town, whether it's through a mechanic horse, or chasing a criminal through the streets. While her sister makes sure she has everything she needs during the arrests, she specializes in catching and arresting the criminal gangs due to her prowess with the equipment she uses.

Setting: The wild Americana west.
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