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The price is right!

Seeking male or couple to share house in remote setting. Large 20’ x 30’ bedroom with 2 walk-in closets. Tenant has use of unlocked closet. Shared kitchen, living room, and patio (Can be used by smokers). Partially furnished bedroom (Bolted down restrains and other wall hooks may not be used without written permission). Room comes with all utilities, including internet, but bathroom has coin operated lock.

No dogs, cat that chases laser pointer okay. No drugs or alcohol without sharing. Food will be separated, and no expectation to share meals without invitation. Except Cheetos, those are fair game.

Rent is $400 for a single male or $550 for a couple. Or $500 if she’s an actress. Call (503) 555-5424 or (503) 555-8433.


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