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Slick Willy Clinton's Travels and Exploits with Jeffrey Epstein on the Lolita Express

26 Flights on the Lolita Express

Where does a man go, when his wife is hag,
and raping underage kiddies
seems all that he has...
to look forward to from day after day
I guess he figured why not?, I got money to play
(our Social Security money that is)

He ain't fooling no one, not even himself,
No problem with guilt, leaves it there on a shelf
just a small time sax player, all done up on coke,
Thinks raping and biting lips is a phenomenal joke
("better put some ice on that",he said)

Hang onto your girls, Daddy's gettin' on board
Where the Mile High club takes what the rich can afford
He ain't charmin' women up there, No, he's molesting some kid
But he's got government scum to keep it all hid
(and Hillary knows how to hide stuff too)

But for now he thinks, that it's all okay....
As he snorts a line, and he's up-up-and away....
Goin' one more time on the Lolita Express
Whose kid he's raping now, Is anyone's guess
(better wipe your nose Willy, I see red on you)

He used Mena Airport, to fill hollow nosecones
With Heroin and stuff only a devil condones
Nothing could stop him, not even the facts,
Just ask the families of the Boys on the Tracks
(How's Your Pal Tyson doing Slick Willy?)

Up into the sky like a demon he rides
and it's all fun and games till Hillary arrives
But she'll clean up his mess, She done it for years
She don't give a damn about his victim's tears
("They're all sluts", she said, "all of 'em")

She'll pay them all off, the parents and the cops too
the judges and senate? they all know what to do
When you mess with a Clinton, you'll end up dead
They look the other way or get shot in the head
(How does one shoot themselves in the back of the head...twice?)

He's soarin' even higher than Jeff Epstein's Boeing
Cuz bein' a decent man is just way too boring
He's tastes include Hong Kong,Singapore, and Japan
Heck, he even went to Africa, that's one horny man
(they got epidemic AIDS there ya know)

He thought he could get away with living like a god
An arrogant untouchable , but we NEVER FORGOT
Though the sex money flowed like the blood from his nose
When the coke took it's toll, and it began to expose
Those dirty little secrets up there in the sky
Where the angels look down, shake their heads, and sigh
(It was not a pretty sight by any means)

He thought it would get buried under the cover-up dust
Left the Whitehouse with stolen furniture, NYC or bust
Hillary's crying she's broke to the newspaper press
Slick Willy left more than stains on Monica's blue dress

He stained the Presidency and America's good name
But soon after him, two more jokers came
One was some Texan, just like his Pop
Next came a Kenyan through a shadow gov op
(Aren't ya glad Trump is Prez now?)

Ol' Bill thought we'd forget about those thrillin' plane rides
But he forgot one thing...Where Donald Trump now resides!
He's taking names, new and old, and man he's kickin' some ass
And now Slick Willy knows time isn't something he has
(There's a new Sheriff in town. Bang!-Bang!)

There's no longer a degenerate pussy in the Oval Office
No more FLOTUS' sporting dicks under their dress
We got us a Lion, an honest to God President
and we're thanking our stars because Heaven sent
Someone to come and expose all of those pedophiles
Who were racking up all those Lolita frequent flyer Miles
(bet Slick Willy's Willy had it's own passport too)

Now we've come to the end of the Lolita Express
Will the Clintons do time? Well, That's anyone's guess
But we ain't taking no more, and baby believe you me....
They're gonna feel some Conservative Sugar-Honey-Iced-Tea
(and I don't mean no Sweet Tea either Y'all)

author's note: I would NEVER, EVER, EVER kill myself.
And I would never go MIA. Just so Y'all know.

written by Kim Marie Freeman

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