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A prisoner of Canterlot, you are sentenced to serve the Princess as her toilet. It stinks.
1) An Unconventional Sentence

Your entire body is hurting. The chains that bind you to the wall behind you are incridibly tight, and the dungeon you are placed in, is dank and cold. You barely notice, however, as your fear of what to come is overshadowing any feeling of physical discomfort.

You are currently awaiting trial for your crimes against Equestria. You're shivering in cold sweat, you've got a fever, and your spine feels like mush.

You hear the iron door at the end of the corridor creek open, and your heart starts to gallop like you were about to die. Maybe you were, who knew.

You hear hoofsteps approaching your cell. If they had given you anything to drink while in here, you woud have pissed yourself in fear.

Two female guards appear at the base frame of your cell. One is a unicorn. She is levitating a lantern, which dim light makes you shun away from what seems to you like the high noon sun.

The gate to your cell opens, and the mares walk in, looking at you with almost disgust in their eyes. You've been whipped, denied food and water, and you appear as pale and skinny as a corpse. They release you from your chains.

"Prisoner 5G87." The unicorn guard proclaims, in a professionel and monotome voice, looking you strickly in your broken eyes, whilst hovering the unbareable light in front of your face.

"Your trial starts in ten minutes. If you are unable to walk on your own, we'll drag you to the judgment hall."

They await your answer, but all you give them is a pethetic whimper and slow running tears, depleting your already dry body of water even further.

The guards roll their eyes at you, before they pick you up, and start dragging your beaten body away. Your quiet whimper echo through the halls of the dungeon, as you approach your judgment.

A few minutes later you find yourself, shivering like never before, tied up in a chair even more firmly than you were in the dungeon. You are gagged as well, preventing you from protesting during the sentencing. There are no one else in the large room, and the curtains are closed, making it quite dark.

After a while of sitting all alone, a door opens, and a large figure wanders in. The curtains are drawn all at once, bathing you in light once more, you whimper, and squinch your eyes, but as you finally get used to it, you find yourself looking directly into the sadistic eyes of Princess Celestia herself.

You gulp. She's at least six times larger than the avarage pony. Eight times larger than you. Her evil smirk right in front of your face is reasurring you that if you die to day, it's going to be by torture.

"So, my little pony. I hear you've been spreading propaganda about my regime."

She starts to circle around your chair as she speaks.

"If I understand your case correctly, you were cought writing on a wall that democracy will reign."

Her thick voluptorous body appears in your eyesight once more, circling around you like a shark. Then she stops, the side of her large, round plot right in front of your face. Your heart is pounding.

"Usually, questioning my rule is punishable by death, in whatever way I see fit."

You close your eyes. You've already suffered so much, but it was about to get far, far worse.

"But I have different plans for you, my dear little traitor."

She backs up and looks you in the eyes with a much more serious look than before.

"I usually keep a slave around. A slave that I can defile with my godly body... Unfortunately, my previous slave just died, so there is a job opening."

You don't know what to think. You don't know what she means and your head is spinning.

"Therefore, Prisoner 5G87. I hereby sentence you..." Her smile reappears, cruel and sadistic as ever.

"...To be my toilet slave, for the rest of your life."

Your heart stops pounding. You suddenly feel cold. Freezing even. Toilet... Slave. Was she going to make you... Make you... Eat her shit!

2) The Smell of Her Hindquarters

You cry, you struggle in your bindings, and you whimper. Celestia just giggles in response.

There is a flash of light and you are teleported to a large luxurious suite. Probably her bedroom. Your bindings have been removed, and in front of you is something you never thought you'd encounter in your life again, water.

You slurp down the water with an unmatchable passion, momentarily forgetting your trouble. It's not even close to enough to clense your thirst, but it's blissfull. Then she appears. Celestia stands in front of you, overshadowing your tiny body, making you instingtively curl into a ball. Her cruel smirk is tearing you apart.

"I should probably tell you, my little traitor, that I do not wash my ass and marecunt, to keep them as disgusting for my slaves as possible." Her evil smile seems almost kind now, like she's about to ease you into your new position.

"The smells may be overwhelming in the beginning, so in order to not make you die from shock, I've decided that on your first day here, you are not going to be my toilet, or... At least I won't make you eat poop. You are just going to be my sniffing slave."

You don't answer. You don't even feel relieved, you just lie there and whimper.

"Get up." Celestia commands.

You slowly rise your meek body to it's hooves.

She turns around, presenting to you her ass. As she lifts up her tail revealing to you her pink-brown anus and pussy, even though you are half a meter away, the owerpowring stench of her grimy hindquarters attack your senses violently. How that was possible is beyond you, and in your weakened state, you would've surely fallen back over from the foulness alone, had the Princess not picked you up with her magic. She levitated you towards her. As you get closer to the source of the disgusting mixture of stinkiness, it's foulness intensifies. You try to breath through your mouth, only to cough out the revolting air emidiately, as it defiled your tastebuds. Celestia giggles mildly. You hold your breath, and a moment later your face is resting with your snout right inbetween her two vile holes, smothered by her large sweaty ass cheeks. Your eyes are watering from the mere presence of her rump.

Celestia giggles again.

"My pussy hasn't been cleaned in over 500 years." She proudly proclaims, whilst wiggling her rump lightly in your face.

"As for my anus..." She licks her lips in an almost seductive manner.

"I haven't as much as whiped in 10.000 years."

She leanes forward, seperating her tight ass cheeks apart, and lowering your snout down to her slimy cunt.

"And now my, sniffing slave, you better start sniffing."

You do as you're told, and inhale. The musky, mucky, vile stench of 500 years of pussy-slime, fill your tortured lungs. You wish you were dead. It's sweet and bitter, rotten and fishy, revolting and piss-scented, all at the same time. You feel the princess insert your snout inbetween the tight walls of her hellish cunt. The slimy marejuices smear across your face. You sniff again inside her tunnel, and you're fed a much more rotten fishyness emitting like gas from inside of her. It's unbearable. She holds you tight, forcing you to smell it once more. Then she pulls you out, your face smeared with her foulness.

She lifts you upwards, towards her disgusting butthole. You stare into the repulsing exit of her rump, her very fur around it is stained a distinguished brown color, that even climbs up the dock of her tail. The hole itself was more pink than it was brown, (though shit was without a doubt present.) It was, like her pussy beneath it, bathed in a thick layer of filthyness, culminating the sweat, musk, shit and farts of 10.000 years into a horrificly stinky asshole.

Reluctantly, you start sniffing.

As you take your first sniff of her grimy pucker, you lose control of your stomach. Her pussy was one thing, but her anus was on a whole other level of smelly. Luckely, since you've been starved there is nothing to throw up, but the pathetic sounds you make, makes the princess chuckle and rub her greesy asshole even tighter against your nose.

It smells like ass. There is no other way to describe it. It is clearly the stench of a very dirty anus, only a 1000 times more potent, and acompanied by the combined stench of every type of feces imaginable, and a mild but everpresent dose of every kind of disgusting fart to go along. The revolting stench mixture makes you wish she would stuff you back into her rotten, fishy cunt instead. At least in there, you only wish you were dead, instead of feeling like dying.

The princess notices your reluctantly.

"You better start sniffing my plot like you mean it, or I'm going to revoke your get out of toilet duty free card."

Against your own will, you manage to take another breath. Your stomach turns again. The princess doesn't move you. You are forced to take a third, forth and even a fifth breath, before the princess finally moves you down to her cunt once more, and stuffs your stained snout directly back into her fish-corpse cave.

She goes back and forth between the two stink sources for a while, making you truely endure her repulsive malodours, before she throws you away.

You hit the ground, tumble around, and you stay there. Your entire face is smeared with her disgusting, slimy filth.

"That's enough for now." Celestia proclaims, while walking away from you, approaching her bed.

3) Sniffing Her Farts

She sits down on her bedside, and her blaket magically wraps around her curve ass and thick thighs. A flurry of paperwork appears in front of her with a spark of light.

Meanwhile you still lay absolutely still on the ground, her filth slowly drying out in your face. You keep your mouth shut tight, as your lips are covered in her cunt slime from whenever she shoved your muzzle inside it, and you do not intend to get any into your mouth. Every breath you take is still tainted by the horrible filth smeared on your nostrills.

The princess is now lying on her side, levitating the quill and paperwork in front of her.

After a couple of minutes you hear her groan. You feel yourself being levitated again. Your mind is filled with fear. She is moving you towards her laundry basket. The lid goes off and a pair of her dirty underwear flyes out of it. The snatch area is as slimy as a snail track, and the butt area as brown as a chocolate bar. You whimper and kick around your airbound hooves, as you feel your mouth being pried open.

You gag as the filthy panties slide into your mouth, the shitstained part being dragged right across your defenseless tongue, followed directly by the slimy pussy-puke. The taste of shit and dirty cunt-sauce overpower you completely.
You start to cry again. Suddenly feel yourself move towards the bed. A ball gag enters your mouth, keeping her disgusting panties in place, and ensuring you can only breath with your nose. You feel your front hooves being forced behind your back, and cuffed. Your heart beats like never before.

The princess chuckles again. "I have to fart." Her words makes you struggle even harder.

You are put down behind her blanket-covored ass. She lifts her hind leg, creating an entrance between the blanket and the mattress. The familiar smell of her butt oozes out the tiny opening, making you cough against her panties. Slowly your face is being pushed towards the ass cave opening.

"Get ready to smell my farts." She says with a giggle, as your face enters the blanket and your snout is placed half a centimeter away from her oozing asshole. It twitches. You brace yourself. She farts. Her ass gas starts to fill the chamber. It's rotten, primal smell momentarily overpoweres the smell of her anus, before their foulness blends together. More repulsive ass gas pumps out of her plothole. The humidity rises. She pushes you closer to her butthole right as another unbearable, putrid fart is pushed out. You wiggle all you can and whine loudly. She farts again.

After about a minute of this torture, you feel your nose leave her anus. You are placed on your back. You feel the princess shift her weight around, making sure not to lift the blanket and accidentally let some of her ass gas escape. You feel her ass loom over your face. She sits down on you, and your head is completely swallowed up by her thick cheeks. Your snout meets her asshole, and her weight pushes your face down into the mattress, making a canyon in the fabric. Her anus is resting heavily on your nose, as she facesits you. Luckily, she's large enough that her ass cheeks can sit on the mattress, even with your head under her rump, so your skull isn't crushed completely. It's warm, moist, tight, heavy, and of course very, very stinky.

You feel her anus expand against your snout. More disgusting farts pump out, en messe. Your entire face is showered in her rotten ass gas. She starts to bounce lightly on your face. Every time her ass pushes down on you, she farts. Fart. Fart. Fart. Fart. Fart. Fart. Fart. Fart. The torture is unending.

Her gas is killing you, and you feel yourself drift into unconsciousness under her heavy rump. This is your life now.

4) Drinking Her Piss

When you awaken, you are tied of on your back, with a funnel in your mouth. Your neck is completely restrained. So you can't turn it in the slightest. You see Celestia enter your limited field of vision.

"I promised you are day without shit eating, but my body still have other things to relieve myself of."

She looks down at you, with a serious expression.

"If you let it overflow, I'll make you my sisters toilet for a week in addition."

She turns around with a giggle, hovering her dirty cunt over the funnel. You close your eyes.

She let's loose, and a stream of the most rancid, foul urine imaginable spills out of her. The yellow liquid has only one way to go, and it flows down your throat with no sign of stopping.

She sighs in relief as her ambrosia fills your mouth. She sprays you like a hose, her piss washing down the stians her dirty panties left in your mouth. The taste of her foul liquid is so strong and rancid it's almost impossible to swallow, and you feel like choking with every gulp you take. It's salty, and it makes the very back of your mouth burn like it was acid. But her powerfull ray of piss keeps forcing you to drink.The stench of urine starts to fill the room. She keeps pissing. Eventually the stream comes to a halt. Three small individual gushes of urine spills out as the final thing to leave her cunt before there is nothing but a slow dripple. Drip, drop.

She sighs again, then she walks away. You aren't thirsty anymore...

5) Pussy for Dinner

Half an hour passes and you are still bound with the funnel in your mouth. You are thirsty again due to the saltyness of her piss, and more than anything you are hungry. You were starting to wonder when she intended to feed you.

You could hear her watching a movie over at the bed. Suddenly she rises and walks towards you. Was she going to pee again? You prepare for more torture, but surprisingly, she wanders straight passed you. She get's something from a drawer. On her way back, you decide to try and get her attention.

You mumble loudly into your funnel, while trying to make eye contact. She looks at you in an annoyed manner. You feel the funnel leave your salty mouth.

"What is it?"

"Can I... huff*. please.... Have something... Pant*.... Eat..."

You would have asked for water as well, but it struck you as a bad idea to ask for both.

She looks at you in an almost insulted way. Your bindings suddenly disappears, and she picks you up with her magic in a rather violent manner. She swings your body around her's. You find yourself face to face with her anus once more. The stench is still unbeleavable.

You start to panic as your mouth is forced open, and placed point blank against her plothole.

"Eat a fart."


She sprays your mouth with her loud braying gas eruption, insulting your senses further. You start to cry. She farts again. Your mouth is getting wet from her gas.

Then she throws you over towards her bed, where you hit the ground and fall, hitting your head in the proccess.

She approaches.

"Don't speak to me, without addressing me properly, ever again! Got that?" Her shouting makes you shiver.

She walks passed you, and sits on her bed.

"Sit up." She commands. You do as you're told. The side of your face is bleeding mildly. You look into her eyes in fear. She's sitting with her legs crossed. Her insulted expression is slowly turning devious. You hear the movie start playing behind you.

"So you want something to eat, huh?"

Slowly, she spreads her legs, exposing her marehood. Musk, Urine, Salt, Sweetnes, Foulness, Bitterness, Fishyness, Rot. The familiar smells hits you hard. You look into her eyes in fear, tears flowing down your face.

"Your Majesty. Sob*. Please... Don't make me do this. Sob*"

you're shaking.

Her attention is at the screen. You feel her hoof on the back of your head, pushing you towards her genitals. You cry. Your mouth and nose meet their destination.

"Lick it."

Reluctenly and with your mouth closed, you press your tongue passed your lips. The very tip of it touches her marehood, and you immediately wanna throw up. You retrive it, crying more perthetically than ever. She pauses her movie and looks down at you, her hoof still on the back of your head. She looks annoyed. It was probably hard to hear her movie over your crying, and you hadn't even properly licked her yet.

She squinches her eyes, and you whimper silently, bathing in her pussy stench.

"Shut up, and eat my cunt!"

She presses you tighter against her snatch.

You open your mouth. Her fat cunt meet pushes into your mouth as you do. Reluctently, you drag your tongue across the outside of her stinky snatch. All the disgusting smells her oozing labia emits, assault your tongue as tastes. It tastes like her rancid urine, it tastes like old disgusting marejuices, it tastes like decay, and it tastes like rotten fish. Her slimy filth flow into your mouth as you eat her out. You work your tongue up and down, back and forth, every single lick assaulting you further.

She loosens her grip. You take her cunt out of your mouth, but continue to lick at her.

"Get your tongue inside of me."

You hesitate. You've smelled it in there. She presses on your head again, harder this time. Her pussy is forced into your mouth once more.

Slowly, you push your tongue inbetween the walls of her cunt. You hear her pant. She's euphoric. The inside of her nether regions tastes much stronger than on the outside. Stronger urine. Stronger filthy, disgusting cunt slime. Much, much stronger rotten fish. You gag as you move your tongue around inside her.

"M- Pant* Make me cum!!"

She's holding you even tighter. You search around for her clitoris, but you can't seem to reach it. You wiggle your tongue around in there, as frantically as you can, her filth spilling out into your tortured mouth. She moans. You eat her out like your life depended on it. (It pobably did). Every breath you take is torture for your lungs.
Her moaning grows louder. Her pussy twitches and a moment later, your already filthy mouth is being sprayed by her gooy juices.

She pants, still holding you tight.

"Huff* Puff* Swallow."

You start gulping down the contents of your mouth, shivering with disgust while it slides down. You are still hungry, but you don't have a sliver of appetite.

She lies down on her back, cunt still firmly planted in your mouth. Then, she s lowly lifts her legs up in the air, plugging her marehood out, and dragging it across your face. Her stinky anus gets closer to your face and you feel the air quality change for the worse.

Her tail wraps around your neck. Magic forces your jaws open. You squeel as her anus enters your mouth. She giggles. A powerful, foul-tasting fart escapes her ass, filling your mouth with the taste of her intestines. You gag. She farts again. It's too much to bear. You scream into her ass. She laughs.


Her anus delivers the final stinky, vile, disgusting fart to knock you out cold.

6) Eating Her Shit

You awaken, more hungry and thirsty than ever, tied up the same way you were when she peed in your mouth. Only this time, there is no funnel. Instead, there is a round leather seat right on top of you, and there is something else in your mouth. Four unsharpened hooks are placed in each corner of your mouth, their tension keeping it open wide. Your mouth is completely dry from yesterday's fart feeding.

"Good morning, toilet slave."

Her words cut into your very soul. You begin to panic, but you can't move even an inch. You knew this would happen, but not so soon.

You can smell her ass before you see it. She sits down atop the leather seat. Her anus is less than five centimeters away from your open mouth.

"Do you know what's about to happen?"

She rubs it in. She wants you to really contemplate what's about to happen to you.

She lowers her voice.

"I'm about to defecate."

Her anus twitches, making your heart skip a beat.

"If you think yesterday was disgusting..." A smile you can't see manifests on her lips. "...You're only just about to find out what that word really means."

You gulp, tears filling your eyes. A meek whimper leaves your throat. You are nowhere near ready for this.

"And now... Without further ado, here's my morning shit."

She leans back, letting her asshole relax.

An incrible stinky fart pumps out her backside, making your eyes water further. It's taste and smell are both tainted with feces.

A moment later you see her anus open wide, and the dark-brown tip of a giant log of shit starts poking out of her.

You whine and struggle violently in your bindings, much to Celestia's amusement.

Her anus spreads even wider as her massive bowel content slowly slides out of her.

Her log is steaming, oozing its strong fecal stench all over your face. You close your eyes as her shit enters your mouth. It's steaminess makes you taste it before it even touches your tongue, but as it do slide across your tongue, smearing it's warm filthy essence across your tastebuds you gag violently. It tastes primal. It's bitter and incridible tangy. It tastes like pure shit.

Her huge log makes it's way to the back of your throat. The humidity it amits is vile.

Her sphincter is pulsating, slowly grinding away at her excrement. She pinches and the massive thing slides into your tortured mouth even further.

You feel the tension in the mouth-hooks loosen, allowing you to eat it.

"Be quick about it. There's more."

You can't bring yourself to eat her scat, and you just whimper and cry instead.

Celestia takes notice of your reluctiveness.

"If you don't eat my ass cake, right now, I'm going to make the two mareguards that brought you to court shit in a bowl and feed it to you as extra torture on a daily basis for the next month."

It takes all the willpower you have to bite down on that vile steaming log of excrement, and as you do the repulsive, tangy flavor intensifies and fills your mouth. You chew the disgusting mess. It's hard consistency, makes it difficult to break down, but soon enough, it's just a brown, foul-tasting mush, that you can gulp down in small doses. The first many lumps of mushy shit you swallow comes right back up again, but as your body starts to realize there is no way out of this, you manage to slowly but steadily swallow her feces, your entire body cringing with every gulp of shit you manage to get down.

You are barely done with her first turd, gasping for air, as you see her anus open wide once more.

An equally big log slides out of her anus, filling your mouth with more steaming shit. She pinches it off, right as your start to feel her scat touch the back of your throat. It's equally as repulsive as her previous turd.

Crying out loudly, you start chewing, trying to recreate the soft texture that would allow you to swallow. As her shit once again becomes mushy, you gulp it down. Celestia giggles.

You finish swallowing it, and you hyperventilate. Every breath you take tastes like shit.

You watch in absolute horror as the giggling princess' anus expands one more and even more shit pokes it's way out of her.

A third steaming turd tortures your mouth. It plops out of her ass with a thick fart indicating that this is her last log for now. She sighs in relief. You start eating. You know the drill by now. Chew. Chew. Chew. Chew. Make it soft. Gulp. Gulp. Gulp. Gulp. Force it down.

You finish your vile breakfast. The princess farts into your open mouth once more.


A giant, strong tasting, stinky fart, oozing of rot. It lasts for five whole unbearable seconds, drowning you in it's thick, repulsive essence.

Then she moves her ass back a bit her shit-stained anus now hanging over your poor nose, and her cunt over your mouth.

A forcefull stream of her rancid piss sprays down your throat, and you drink it obediantly. Despite it's strong taste, it's nothing after her scat. The stench beneath her is out of control. The smell of her anus, and newly desposed shit, the stench of her unbearable fart, her rancid urine and her grimy marehood, are all attacking your senses. Strongest are the Anal, fecal and fart smell of course, as she's resting her asshole on your nose.

Her piss stream comes to an end, and she rises, leaving you in your bindings. You are not hungry, nor thirsty anymore.

7) Putrid

The hours passes by. The taste of shit and piss still linger in your mouth. Suddenly, the princess' large rump fills your field of vision.

Was she back to shit again? The mouth hooks tenses up, and forces you to gape wider. You try to mentally prepare yourself, but there is nothing that can prepare you from what's about to happen.

Her disgusting plothole expands and a much lighter brown than before emerges from it. It looks to be an equally gigantic dump as her last, but it's lighter in color and it's texture seems softer and more slimy. And it stinks. Not that her last dump didn't, but this is much, much worse. You would have thrown up the shit in your stomach from the sheer stench alone, had the princess not magically prevented your body from doing so.

It's smell is vile and naturally fecal, but more than anything, it's putrid. It's the stench of truely putrid feces.

You groan and whimper, much to her amusement.

She poops, sighing in relief as she lets the slimy shit slide out of of her filthy anus and into your awaiting mouth. It tastes putrid. It's like her very shit has started to decompose. You gag violently. Being fed scat this repulsive, is by far the most disgusting thing she's done to you yet. Its soft, slimy outer leaves skidmarks on every part of your mouth it touched as it glides in. Your tongue is stained completely brown by the filthy log.

She pinches. Your mouth-hooks loosen.

"Eat up."

You are paralyzed by her disgusting waste product. You can't move a muscle, let alone eat it.

"Eat it or Luna gets permission to use you for a week."

You barely register her threat. Your ears, eyes, and mind are failing you. The only thing you register is the putridness of her poop. Its foul taste and smell.

"Congratulations! You just earned yourself twice as much shit, twice as much piss, and twice as many farts for a week! Hope you like liquid food, toilet, because my sister isn't exactly known for her fiber intake!"

The anger in her voice awakens you.

You snap out of it. The feces in your mouth is killing you. There was only one way to get rid of the putrid taste. You start chewing. Due to it being softer, it's faster to get to a "gulpable" substance than her last dump, but its repulsiveness makes it way more difficult. You taste every inch of it as it mushes around in your mouth, mixing with your saliva, staining your teeth brown.

You huff and sniff the putrid air through your nose, readying yourself. You swallow. The first gulp of her disgusting slimy shit slides down your throat. It's the worst torture she's put you through yet. Your entire body shivers and cringes as her scat enters your stomach. You swallow again, and again, moving her feces through you as best you can. It feels like it takes forever, but eventually only her putrid shit stains remain in your mouth, and you let your tortured body go limp.

You feel the hooks tighten in your mouth, keeping it from closing, your eyes shut wide open. She couldn't be serious. The putrid smell is suddenly reinforced by her expanding rectum. More brown dough, equally as vile as your last mouthful slides out, you scream, but your scream is soon muffled by her shit down your throat. Putrid, putrid, putrid shit. You cry as you eat your second filling.

Then she rises, leaving you to soak in the foul smell and aftertaste. You pass out.

8) Under Her Stinky Ass

When you wake up, your legs are tied to the poles of her bed, spreading your limbs apart on her mattress. Celestia is sitting right next to you, reading a book.

Like clockwork, she figures out you've awoken immediately. She looks into your perthitic eyes, smiling.

"Turn your snout towards the ceiling." She commands, in a mild manner.

You turn your spin your neck so that your muzzle is pointing upwards.

The princess rises. She lifts her hindleg over the bed, so that shes standing on the floor, legs spread, with her round ass looming over your face.

Slowly she lowers her plot onto your face. You are completely swallowed up by her warm, sweaty cheeks. You snout meets her anus, and then she adds her body weight. She sits up right. Her foul rectum presseing down on you hard. Your face is so squished, both from the side by her voluptuous buttcheeks, and from the top by her always stinky asshole, that it's almost airtight. You struggle to breath in the ironically unbreathable air her anus has to offer. You keep your lips closed tight as you can feel her foul vagina pressing down on your mouth. You just lay still in the stinky torture chamber her ass provides, slowly sniffing away at her disgusting asshole, your face being sqished by her weight.


A long, silent fart escapes her rectum. Since your nose is pressed so tightly against her plothole, most of it is forced directly into your nostrils. It stinks.

Forty hot, smelly minutes passes by. Occasionally She shifts her weight around a bit to change posture, causing your face to squish around between her smelly asscheeks. Occasionally she farts, changing up the hot, static stench of her backside.

When was this going to end?..

Another forty minutes goes by of her facesitting torture. With the exception of one particularly nasty fart that made you gag, you've done nothing but sniff her vile scents obediently this entire time. It stinks just as much as the first time you sniffed it yesterday, but you were learning to handle it, and suffer in silence.

But would she ever let you out of her musky, shitstained fart-cavern?

More time passes and suddenly you feel her tense up. You prepare for another fart, but it was her reaction as someone entered the room.

"Oh, hallo my dear sister. Are you here to see our slave."

You can't really make out what's happening, with your ears smothered by her asscheeks, but you hear a muffled conversasion.

Suddenly, Celstia rises from you face. Your heart starts pumping as your bloodflow is finally unrestrained. Your ears are ringing, and you feel blinded the lid room. The ropes that bind you disapear. You heeve for air. As your vision returns, you are looking at Princess Luna.

9) Liquid Feces

She's somewhat small, (compared to her sister, that is). She's still quite the curvy mare, but her backside could probably only swallow up your muzzle between her cheeks, and not your entire freaking head, down to the ears.

She looks rather disinterested, but she's looking back at you.

You had been almost unconcious when the princess bestowed upon you the punishment, but the words were starting to chime in the back of your mind.

She had made you Luna's slave as well, for a week. That had been your punishment for disobeying her, during her putrid dump.

You start to whine quietly, looking at Luna with fear in your eyes. This seems to amuse her, as her cold facial expression turns to a subtle, but sadistic smile.

"My sister tells me you are in need of punishment. I am here to help with that. Now, I am by no means as cruel as her, but since granted the opportunity to defile somepony, who has no say in the matter, and since she requisted my help specifically, how could a possible decline."

Celestia let's out a rather adorable chuckle upon hearing her sisters speach. You just sit and whimper. The thought of having done to you twice the torture for a week makes you cry. The only thing that calms you somewhat, is the fact that Luna's size would mean she probably wouldn't dispel quite as much waste, and that she probably wasn't insane enough to not wash her ass in 10.000 years.

Luna nods her head towards the toilet table behind you.

"Strap yourself in."

Reluctently and whimpering, you walk over the the torture device, and lay down with your face right under the leather seat. You fumble to get a hold of the mouth-hooks, but stops when you hear Luna reassuring you that they won't be needed. You try to restrain yourself further, but can't get it to work properly.

"I'm sorry your majesty, I don't know how the bindings work."

You close your eyes, hoping she won't yell at you. She doesn't. The restraining mechanism is strapped on with magic. Your hooves, body and head are all held tightly in place.

You try to prepare yourself for your third scat filling of the day, but to your surprise, Luna levitates the leather seat away and the piss funnel enters your mouth, it's tip still tasting vaguely like urine.

You are as relieved as you expect Luna is about to be. You are much more prepared for piss than scat. But something seems wrong. As Luna's backside looms over your face, she seems to misplace herself. She isn't holding her vagina properly above the funnel. If she were to pee now, she would miss your mouth completely, and piss all over your chest. You let out a muffled sound as a warning of her misplacement, before you are hit by an unsettling thought.

Her anus, which is placed exactly where her marehood should be if she were to piss, let's out a moist splattering fart, leaving a scattered pattern of tiny brown dots all over the funnel. Fuck your life.

A moment later a torrent of vile diarrhea sprays out of the exit in her rump, spilling effortlessly down the drain and into your mouth. You sputter and choke in the disgusting mess. It's the texture of a half done smoothie, and it's taste... Bitter, sour, salty and fecal, with a hint of rotten chicken, and it smells, weirdly, a bid like seafood gone bad.

Celestia is laughing her ass off, watching you being filled with her sisters ass-fudge.

You see the funnel start to fill up. You start drinking. Your stomach turns with every gulp you take. She keeps shitting. Her anus is relentless. You gulp it down as quickly as your tortured mouth can manage. Her anus splutters, scatting out a flurry of chuncky shit nuggets, making it more difficult to drink. A thin snakelike log quickly coils out of her rectum amidst her warm, butt-chocolate sauce. You are forced to poke it against the back of your mouth using your tongue, as a slow alternitive to chewing, since you can't use your teeth with the funnel in your mouth. You have to do this while still gulping down her foul, liquid shit. You close your eyes. Shortly after her unslaught seizes.

You swallow the remaining contents in your mouth. Finally, the torture ends. That was a lot of diarrhea all at once, yuck.

You open your eyes. You are shocked by what you see. Fuck.

A lump of semi-solid feces has clogged the drain, and above you Luna's muddy fountain still flows vigorously, filling the funnel to the point of overflowing. How Luna could still have that much scat was beyond you. Little did you know that Luna caught wind of Celestia's new slave replacement, and had held herself for a day and a half, hoping she would get to use you.

The fear of Celestias wrath if the funnel overflows is what pushes you to do what you do next.

You start sucking on the funnel like a straw with all your might. Her log slowly moves downwards. You stop, exhale through your nose. You can see the poop about to overflow. You suck again, and with a plop, the shit-piece falls into you mouth followed by a powerfull turrent of her liquid excrement, flowing into your mouth like a waterfall. Like a beer bong, you let your throat open, and the disgusting liquid runs straight down. She stops pooping. You are left with a piece of scat in your mouth that you can't dispose of.

Luna walks away. You let your body go limp, and with her scat still in mouth, you fall asleep..-

10) Sisterly Fun

When you wake up, you are tied up and gagged with a pair of Celestia's gross underwear. Luna's shit has been desolved by your saliva, and it fills the surface of your entire mouth with it's brown, filthy essence. The combined taste of Celestia's backside and Luna's shit, is probably as disgusting as drinking diarrhea directly out of a dark mares asshole. You should know. But the limited amount of it, makes it somewhat bearable.

You hear hoofsteps approaching. More torture awaits you. Two giggling, horse-goddess's appear on each side of you. You don't even struggle, you just try to mentally prepare yourself for what you can only imagine is going to be extremely stinky. You weren't wrong.

They lay their divine asses down in front of your face, moving their tails of of the way so that their anuses are exposed. You wringle your nose, mosty due to the everpresent stench of Celestia's butthole, being smellable at quite a distance. Looking at their posteriors right next to eachother, you determine that your owner's backside is about 20% larger than her sister's. Luna's anus seems to be slightly bigger though.

You see the blanket levitate and land over your face, trapping you and the two dirty, pony-asses in an air-tight chamber together.

Farts... You know what is coming. It makes you gulp, and then gag as luna's disgusting shit slides down your throat.

You feel your body being dragged closer to their large backsides, the ass-stench increasing as your nose gets closer to their assholes.

One dreadful moment later, you find each of your two nostrils pressed tightly against each anus of the pony princesses. You have two buttholes pressed against your snout, and you're left with no choice but to smell both of them directly.

Celestia's unkept rectum is naturally the stinkiest, but combining it with the still quite pungent smell of Luna's, somehow makes the experience worse, possible because having an anus pressed against each nostril makes for the most potent ass sniffing possible. It doesn't leave that tiny air pocket regular ass-sniffing tends to do, so every breath you take, is the purest butt-smell you've sniffed up yet.

You find yourself almost wishing they would just get to the farting already, just to change the stench up for a while. Emphasis on almost.

Suddenly, they both start giggling.

They both push their anuses harder against your nose, preventing you from breathing. You get ready for the farts.

When Celestia's anus finally expands, and the stinky ass-air leaks out of her, you find out exactly what this position means for fart sniffing.

Her anus and your nostril is locked together as tightly as it possible could be, and so her entire fart leaks directly into your lungs with not a single molicule of it going to waste. You may be unable to breath air due to the two assholes, but those same two assholes sure can give you something else to breath.

Celstia's gas reeks to the heavens of rotten eggs. It smells unhealthy, and it stinks way more than any ordinary fart should, probably didn't help that it wasn't being filtered in the slightest. What you was smelling, was fart in it's purest form.

Soon after Luna's butthole joins in, with a potent but classic cloud of gas. It smelled like a fart, tangy, strong and slightly like boiled broccoli. It wasn't quite as overwhelming as her sister's, but it was still really, really stinky.

Together, they fill your lungs with their anus-air.

As your body fills to the point that there is no more room for their gas inside of you, they relax their rumps and let you exhale. You can still smell it on the way out. As soon as you fininish empying yourself of farts, they push their butts back into yor face, and farts again.

This coninues for a while. No oxygen, only methane gas. Celestia is clearly using magic to keep you conscious, because going this long without air, would have made anypony pass out long ago. Maybe even died...

You are fearing for you life. Your heart-beat has already started to slow. The Princess' are having too much fun torturing you to notice you are dying on them. But in your fear, you find relief. If you die now, it'll all be over. You will never be mistreated like this again. You relax. Relax the best you can while being filled over and over by the stinkiest farts imaginable. Moments later, your hopes are shattered, when the princesses move their asses away from you, and the blanket is lifted. Celestia, erases the spell keeping you concious, and you emidiatelly pass out, you're barely alive, but alive nontheless.

End of part 1.
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