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Silo, grade 12 student, changes due to a musical which causes problems in his relationship
Prologue? (Is it really a prologue?)
Another Thursday, just the same as any other.
Or so I thought.
I never knew that this one day would change my grade twelve year drastically. But it all begins with me. My name is Silo (yeah, I know, like those farm thingies that hold seed). I didn’t get to choose my name, my parents did. If I got to choose my own name, I’d name myself Joshua ‘cuz that’s slick as hell. Anyways, back on track. I am 17 years old going onto 18, grade twelve student attending Macro High. Anything else you need to know about me? Oh! Everyone knows me for being a basketball player, but I have hidden adorations of being a singer or actor in the Arts.

As I was saying earlier, this day seemed like any other day. Except the fact that it may have changed my whole life’s course.

Chapter 1
“a musical didn’t strike everyone’s interest.”

It was a Monday morning. My eyes hard to open as always, my phone beeping and buzzing non-stop to wake me up. This is by far the worst feeling ever. By far. However, I manage to stretch my arms and legs as I felt some bones crack here and there. I reached to turn off my phone and realized how far I placed it from my bedside. I received a text from my girlfriend saying “Good morning baby:)”. I texted her back as usual, but something didn’t feel right. I looked at the time on my phone. It read 7:38am. WAIT!? 7:38am?? I’m gonna be late for school!! I got up and blasted towards the bathroom. Took a speedy shower of four minutes flat and brushed my teeth like my life depended on it. I rushed downstairs, grabbed a banana, opened the garage and away I pedalled down the road. My mom was yelling behind me, but I couldn’t hear what she said. Oblivious to her words, I continued pedalling so hard I swear I broke Neil Armstrong’s record or something.

My first period teacher, Mr. Raven, is the best teacher on planet earth. He is like Albus Dumbledore to Harry Potter. I am so glad he is my drama teacher. He, of course, watched me walk right before the bell eating a banana with wet hair, it’s like he’s never seen a bathing ape before. Mr. Raven began taking attendance as I sat in the circle. He was shocked and told me how unfortunate it was that I was almost late for the first time this year. He then turned to the class and gave them a few announcements over the sounds of whispers and laughter, but he didn’t mind. He introduced the class to our new group project. A musical. There was a sudden wave of mixed reactions.

“A musical?” asked my classmate Brian.
“Yes, a musical.” answered Mr. Raven.
“Do we get to sing and dance?” asked Claire, all happy.
Mr. Raven smiled. “Is the sky blue?”

Claire’s expression was as if she had just won the lottery. Mr. Raven then came around the circle and started assigning our groups based on what musical number we wanted to do. I didn’t mind what group I would be stuck in because as much as the class was always excited and ready to do projects, a musical didn’t strike everyone’s interest. My phone buzzed. I received another text from my girlfriend, Bella, she was telling me how much she cares about me and how she wishes me a great day, like every day. I texted her back telling her I love her. Mr. Raven came around to me, and assigned me to the Hamilton musical because I told him I didn’t care what musical I wanted to do.

Nearing the end of class, we gathered into our groups. My group looked decent, probably because we got Claire and Felicity, one actually dances and both have musical backgrounds. Don’t get me wrong, I love to sing (on the low), but dancing? I don’t dance.

Chapter 2
“nearly landing right on my face”

As first period ended, I began to make my way towards my second period class which was two floors up. The hallways in Macro High are crowded like pigeons surrounding an old lady throwing bread. Every single day it is the same: bustling hallways and traffic coming at me from both ways. I finally made it to the staircase, but things only got worse. Today, a kid thought it’d be funny if he started swiping at people’s ankles trying to trip people on the stairs. I marched up slowly. I caught the kid at the corner of my eye as he tried to sneak up and trip me. Just as he started to swing, I froze time and put his hand up his ass. At least, that’s what I wanted to do. He caught my ankle right before I could do something about it. I tripped, nearly landing right on my face. I landed on my arm. It didn’t break, but it still hurt like hell. I got up and confronted the guy.

“What’s your deal fuckface?” I shouted, clutching my arm..
“Chill bro, it was only a joke.” he chuckled, taking a few steps back.
I wasn’t having it. “Nah, fuck that bullshit!”

I got caught in the heat of the moment and before I realized it, we were both on the floor. Turns out shoving someone down only works if they don’t take you down with them. I tried throwing a punch, but before it could land a swarm of hands grabbed and separated us. A teacher came bolting and yelled. His voice boomed throughout the staircase and everyone froze. He came up to me and asked what happened. I realized, it was Coach Mason. He had taken a liking to me as I was the starting point-guard on the school’s team.

“Si! What’s going on here?” Coach Mason shouted.
“Sorry sir, this guy was causing me trouble. Had to teach him a lesson.” I said.
“Teach him a lesson? You know better than this. Hey you, get outta here before I send you to the VP’s office. Si, come with me.” demanded Coach Mason.
“Sir? Why? Nothing happened.” I told him.
“Wanna get suspended for the next few games?” he asked. “Thought so, come with me.”

We walked through the halls towards his office. As we entered, the other gym teachers glanced their eyes on me, then resumed their conversations. Coach Mason gestured for me to have a seat. As I sat down, he began to speak.

“What really happened Si? Don’t worry, you won’t get in trouble, I need you in our game against those damned Lions.” said Coach Mason angrily.

I don’t blame him, we lose to the France’s Lions every year and every single game against them was a heartbreaker.

“I was walking to my second period class. The dumbass thought it was funny if he started tripping people like me. He didn’t apologize so I did something.” I told him.
“And what may this something be Si?” he asked, “Did you push the poor kid?”
“Yes. Yes I did, and I would’ve done more if those friends of his didn’t stop me.”
I started to get angry again, but I couldn’t understand why.
“It’s okay. Don’t worry, bring that anger with you onto the court. We’ll need it next game. Oh, and Si, try not to get into anymore fights, it’ll be a shame if you were to get injured.” said Coach Mason.
“Alright sir, I won’t. I have to go, Mr. Prince is probably wondering where I am.” I said as I got up and left.

Chapter 3
“but a little part of me believes in what he said.”

I walked in late to my second period. Mr. Prince, my religion teacher, called me over to his desk while everyone was working on their projects. I don’t usually come late to class because it’s second period, what excuse would I have to come late to second period. My bag broke and the papers got scattered, or my nose started bleeding really bad?? Actually, the second one isn’t all that bad, I might use that next time. Anyways, I was really nervous walking up to Mr. Prince, what was he gonna say? Will he scold me? Does he know about the fight?

“Silo, you’re late.” he sighed.
I replied with a gloomy expression. “Yes sir. I’m really sorry. I…”.
“Don’t worry, I received a call from Coach Mason. He explained to me what happened in the stairwell.” Mr. Prince said as he stood up. “Are you okay? Don’t want our star player to get injured now, do we?”
“No sir. I am fine, no injuries to report.” I said, getting happier.
“Glad to hear. Well go take your seat and work on your project. Don’t wanna fall behind!” Mr. Prince exclaimed.

I took my seat beside my friend Lucas, he was also in my drama class. He was already hard at work on his religion project and I didn’t want to bother him. As I took my seat, Mr. Prince started speaking towards the class about the project and answered any remaining questions. Lucas’ head rose. He looked at me, smiled, and we shook hands. He took off his earbuds, I knew where this was leading.

“Yo, what happened? Why’re you late?” he asked.
“Long story. Some idiot thought it was funny to play games in a busy ass staircase.” I replied.
“Ahhhh, I see. Well let’s hope you don’t get in trouble.”
“I highly doubt it, but thanks bro.”

We continued talking and he asked me about my group for the drama musical project. I told him that our group may be decent as we had Claire and Felicity in my group and how they can “carry” the team. I also told him how everyone else just seems unmotivated as a whole because dancing and singing are really out of their comfort zone and no one is trying to embarrass themselves. He said that it’s not all about being embarrassed, but about trying something new and expanding our abilities through a new experience. I thought he was talking complete nonsense, but a little part of me believes in what he said. The bell rang. It was faster than I anticipated, it felt like the class lasted only half an hour (no, it’s not because I came into class late). It was lunch time, a time for me to think.

Chapter 4
“I’m not in love with you.”

I sat down at the lunch table. As usual, I got there before my friends. The cafe was loud as the chatter of students filled the room with topics like math tests, gossip, and even last night’s episode of The Bachelorette. It was way too loud for me to calm my mind. I plugged in my earbuds, closed my eyes and played Chopin’s Nocturne Op. 9 No.2. I’m not your stereotypical athlete. Most athletes at Macro High usually listen to rap or hip-hop. I do too, just from time to time. However, my taste of music includes classical piano, acoustic, or R&B. Classical piano really helps soothe my mind. I felt myself floating above the clouds, weightless, and without a care for the world. I could see the whole city, the people looking like little ants. All of a sudden, I grew heavier, my body rushing back down to earth like a meteor. My earbuds got pulled out. I turned my head, pissed off because I got interrupted. There was a hand on my shoulder. It was my best friend, Blaze. My expression changed, I was so glad to see a friend.

“What’s up bro? You daydreaming again?” laughed Blaze.
“Nah, you dumb? I was just clearing out my head.” I responded.
“Mhmm. This got anything to do with the fight earlier today? It’s not a secret, you know how fast word spreads around here.”
“No, it’s not that.” I said hesitantly.

I checked my phone. Message from Bella♡. Crap, she probably texted while I was caught up in my thoughts. I have to text her back. Thankfully, Blaze went to go buy food.

Hey sorry, I was daydreaming. I miss you:(
It’s okay baby don’t worry. I miss you too. Hope it doesn’t stay like this for too long.
Yeah, I know me too. I wish I was with you right now, the cafe is hella loud.
Me too, baby, lol I’m going out for lunch with my friend.
Which one?
I asked
Henry, he’s the absolute sweety!
Okay, go have fun baby!

My insides feel weird. I’m sure it’s nothing. Blaze came back and began talking like our conversation didn’t end.

“So, what is it then?” he asked.
“Well I really don’t know. We got assigned a musical today for drama.”
“Wait wait wait wait. A musical? You’re joking” he began laughing.
“Yeah, a musical. The hell’re you laughing for, there ain’t nothin’ funny bout it” I hissed.
“My bad, my bad. So you’re saying you’re Troy Bolton now eh?” he tried to say with a semi-straight face.

Blaze was always a joker. One of the reasons why we’re such good friends. I kept my silence. A couple of our other friends got to the cafe. They sat down and we started talking. I glanced at Blaze with a concerned look on my face. He looked back at me. His face read, “I won’t tell ‘em.”. I was glad. I put my earbuds back on and began to find myself lost in my thoughts again.

This time, I wasn’t floating in the air. I looked around, I was strapped in the backseat of a car. There were two people in front of me, making out. I rubbed my eyes. It was… Bella? and... HENRY?! I wanted to scream, shout, or do something. I can’t just sit still while my girlfriend was making out with some guy. I opened my mouth but nothing came out. Bella turned to me and smiled devilishly. She was saying something, but it was dead silent. “I’m not in love with you.” is what I could make out from the movement of her lips. I grabbed the seatbelt and tried taking it off. Nothing was working, I panicked. I started to sink through the seat. My eyes were filled with tears that distorted my vision.
Si? Silo? SILO!?
My head darted straight up. Blaze was shaking me. He was calling my name. I took off my earbuds.

“Bro are you okay? You were moving in your seat but your eyes were shut tight.” he stammered.
“Yeah, I’m fine just fell asleep and had a bad dream I guess.” I mumbled.

The bell rang. Everyone stared at me like I had just seen a ghost. What I saw was way worse than any ghost. I was petrified.

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