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by MissyT
Rated: E · Article · Friendship · #2160809
As you go thru life my kids, you will meet many types of friends
Friendships that last a lifetime
As you go thru life my sweet kids, you will meet many people along the way. They will leave imprints in your life. Some will be like footprints on the sand and will wash away quickly. You will have the memories but just not the friend. Some will stay a little longer than the first, they will be in your life thru some big moments . Then you have the ones that footprints are set in concrete in your heart. Very few will leave an imprint like that and they are precious as gems. I have only 1 that I can say is that way for me, Donna. I remember Donna in 2nd grade as the little girl who always wore dresses. How I wanted to be her friend because she was so nice. Fast forward many years and I still can call her my friend. She is the type that I can call up and it's like we have never been apart. That my kids, is what I want for you. To find those rare gems that are the truest of friends. The ones that will have your back, hug you when you need someone. The ones that are never far from your mind or heart.
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