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A forest fairy meets a prince
The fairy and the prince

Once upon a time
There lived a fairy.
Deep in the forest,
In the midst of tall trees,
Was her house.

She was alone
With no family
Or kin.
To the birds she spoke,
And to a little mouse.

Foods they shared
Lovingly with each other.
Fun they had playing games.
She sang and danced.
Her friends clapped, happily.

One day, a prince came,
Riding a white horse.
He was tall and handsome,
And fair and strong.
All watched him dearly.

“I am lost,” he confessed.
“Show me the way.”
The birds chirped,
The mouse squeaked.
But no one made sense.

“Let me help you,”
Said the fairy.
“Allow me to show you the way.”
So she led the prince and his horse,
Through the forest dense.

Once outside the forest,
The prince came down from his horse.
He bowed and kissed her hand.
“Thank you, madam. Thank you.”
He said. “I am in debt.”

“Oh, prince,” said the fairy.
“It was but duty.” She curtsied.
The prince shied and smiled,
“I’m Walter,” he said, “and you are?”
The fairy replied, “I’m Jeanette.”

So the days went by,
Prince Walter and Jeanette,
Together singing and dancing,
The forest, in the midst of spring,
Was full of their songs and laughter.

One day Walter, down on his knees,
Took Jeanette’s hand, and put a kiss.
“Marry me Jeanette,” he proposed.
Jeanette blushed and nodded.
And they lived happily ever after.

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