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thoughts from the author's point of view......

Dear Nightmare......

By Kenneth R. Jenkins

I lay down, close my eyes and pray real hard that recurring dream about HIM won't come back to disturb

whatever little piece of mind I do have or just enough to actually get back to sleep in the first place.

Sometimes the dream starts off pleasant or down right confused to say the least. And then, here it comes almost like a bad movie being played.

The Opening Scene. I am sitting in either a car or a truck not saying one word then here comes the fists of furry swing at me just clubbing me over and over and over again, like I am feeling ever hit strike at me in anger but the doubts and questions do come to mind, why? What did I ever do to this man to

get this way with me and I did nothing to tick him off .

There were days I hated to see him home simply because I am afraid something may happen to tick him off more.

The nightmare seems to repeat for what cost I don't know and then suddenly I awake out of that sleep, that once and for all piece of mind I did have just gotten disturbed and awaken confused, shaken to the core, and wondering what was going on. Then I have to remember it's on a dream. I have a message to this menace:

Dear Nightmare I don't need you no more,

Quit haunting my mental door,

This is your last time in my head,

And I consider you dead ,

This I know well,

You can take those haunting thoughts and go straight to HELL!

Useless to me at anytime you see,

Dear Nightmare now get away from me.

Scene Ends.

Kenneth R. Jenkins is a freelance writer, poet, minister,podcaster, devoted husband.

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